Caring Humanizes Life

Friday, December 21 Caring Luke 1:29-45...more

Family Dynamics of Caring for an Elderly Parent

Three years ago, my sister didn’t send my son a graduation card.  I’m always hosting family dinners at my house, but no one returns the favor.  No matter how many times I ask my brother to do something, I always end up doing it myself.  By the time most people need to care for their parents, they already have years of family dynamics and history that drive their interactions with one another. ...more

Fantastic Friday - Listening to A Friend

Fantastic Friday - listening to a friend is a fantastic thing.Throughout the month of August Fantastic Friday will be a celebration of friendship. The posts will deal with listening, leaning, being frank, helping and being a friend. Friendship is a special gift, something to be treasured for as long as it lasts. For that reason and many others, Fantastic Friday is Fantastic time to celebrate friendship....more

When You Turn Your Back...

  When You Turn Your Back...By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny GeeDid you know that someone thinks of you when you don't know it?  They wonder how you are doing in your life, though they don't keep in contact.Did you know that someone says prayers for you, your family to have a good life without things to hurt you?  To always be safe in all that you do......more


  THE PEOPLE IN THE WHITE VAN...BY GLORIA FAYE BROWN BATES/aka GRANNY GEEWe drove into the rest area, it was out in an isolated area, it was so cold.  I was dressed warmly, I still dreaded to get out of the Bronco.  We were in Colorado, the weather was freezing.  I walked to the building to go to the ladies room. I took in breaths of cold, fresh air.  I was looking forward to 'the mirrors'!...more

On Being a Woman - Now

I have been blogging on a different site (Solo Women at Home and Abroad) about traveling and moving and the sorts of meditations they induce. But now it’s time for a blog that comes from the core of my being, my most intense identity, my experience of BEING A WOMAN. (This is a modified version of material of a blog I posted elsewhere.)  ...more

The Timeless Seasons of Life

Cece lost her mother to cancer several years ago, and she is worried about her aging father.  Cece is not alone at this stage of life called ” Caring  for our Aging Parents.”   Both Whos’  parents are in their 80s, and Yun has noticed the recent fast decline of her parents’  vitality and stamina in life, especially her mother.  It is one thing to care for the young children, it is totally another to care for the aging parents….especially when they are not in the same state!...more

Should I? The Fine Line Between Caring and Gossiping...

If you saw your neighbor's 14 year old son smoking pot or taking drugs, would you tell his parents? What about if you noticed that the girl next door came home with a boy while her parents thought she was supposed to be in school? And if you noticed that an older man was hitting on your friend's minor daughter, would you say something? Years ago, this would not even require a thought process. You would tell the parents. But today, this situation changes a bit. It's a little more complicated....more

I never thought to call 911

I never thought to call 911 Today as I was finishing my last errand of the day and heading home, I turned on my usual short cut street and quickly passed a woman appearing to be weeding her garden but something seemed off so I drove around the block to make sure. There was Rose S. (a total stranger to me) sort of laying on her back crouching forward trying to sit straight up. I put down my window and asked if she was okay (I was across the street)....more

Celebrating Community Service With a Facebook Game to Make This A Better World

As a busy mommy blogger and mom of triplets plus one more all born within a year, I don’t have much time for playing games online. I do try my best, though, to keep up with everything that’s new on the social networks and share my discoveries with readers whenever I find something I think is particularly note-worthy. I just came across such a find: a brand new Facebook game that just launched that already has 24,000+ Likes on Facebook and more than 83,000 active users....more