Race Blogger Carmen Van Kerckhove Steps Away: Why We Need to Keep Going

Carmen Van Kerckhove announced last week that she was discontinuing her race & ethnicity blogging for Racialicious, Love Isn't Enough and Addicted to Race. For those like me who were compelled to get off the couch and take our activism seriously because of Van Kerckhove, the founder and co-founder of all three popular sites, this was extremely disappointing news -- if not a complete surprise. ...more

Carmen's post were always interesting and thought provoking and I'll miss her insights.

I ...more

A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging: Who was the First WOC Online?

I hate labeling boxes when I organize my house or move. I hate filing. I hate the term "women of color blogs." The latter makes me uncomfortable because it creates a sea of women so vast it sends my writing mind into a seizure. What does that mean, "women of color bloggers"? ...more

As a biracial woman, I look more white than black. But I still identify with being a woman of ...more