Does Being “The First Woman” Matter? You Bet it Does

It’s been a big news week for the prepositional clause. You know – that important aside where a noteworthy factoid is set off from the rest. It’s been a big news week for the prepositional clause....more

Caroline Kennedy Syndrome

Caroline Kennedy syndrome. That's what I've got.  Raise your kids yourself because you think it's the right thing to do. Volunteer your head off at their schools, scouts, and community organizations. And then once the kids are in college and you need to earn tuition bucks because you couldn't save a dime on one salary -now that's where Caroline K. and I no doubt differ - or just because it is time to live the rest of your life - the part that comes after being a hands-on mommy and you're in for an ugly surprise. Nobody wants you. Nobody takes you seriously. ...more

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Do we really care if you're Caroline Kennedy or Caroline Hussein? Digital cutlure might be fueling a criticism of nepotism in politics and the workforce. ...more

An Inconvenient Debate: Caroline Kennedy and the American Dream

Who says we have no royalty in America? I've waited to weigh in on Caroline Kennedy's come-lately bid for political office because I'm fascinated by the competing arguments. I almost don't want them to end in the decision about who'll fill Hillary Clinton's seat as the junior senator from New York, once she's confirmed as secretary of state. But decide Governor David Paterson must. ...more

Ten Good Reasons Not to Dismiss Caroline Kennedy So Quickly

It seems that quite a few political pundits are dismissing the idea Caroline Kennedy's appointment to the Hillary Clinton's vacant New York Senate seat as nothing more than a form of Camelot nostalgia. In a recent article for Time, columnist Joe Klein wrote: ...more

WVFC Thursday Newsmix: Hillary, Aliens, Caroline Kennedy, and More Hillary

It's an All-Hillary newsmix today, as Barack Obama's lead speechwriter gets his hand caught where it shouldn't have been, Kathy Bates seems to draw upon Mrs. Clinton for her portrayal of a Defense Secretary, and two women are frontrunners to replace Hillary in the Senate. ...more

The Obama Rally, Education and Caroline Kennedy

I have a lot of video on the rally held at UCLA on Sunday in support of Barack Obama. One of the supporters of his campaign is Caroline Kennedy. Caroline does not endorse candidates very often. In fact I think this is the first time in my memory that she has done so on a national level. ...more

but even more importantly I'm glad you got to go. Still wishing I had been there. Next time, ...more

ELECTION '08: UCLA Obama Rally

x-posted at my blog Wow. What an experience. I'm glad I went, though I should have left the little girl at home. She wanted to leave before it started! I took 107 photos, so I'll just post some of them here an tell you what's happening as we go along. ...more

I saw most of it on C-SPAN but I really enjoyed reading your first hand experience and your ...more

A President Like My Ex-Husband

I was talking with Walter on the phone over the weekend. Walter and I went to college together but that was several relationships ago. Walter has recently met a new woman and we were dissecting the progress of the relationship. He said, “It’s different than it was with Valerie” and I said, “Walter, you and Valerie were 25 when you met. You had all the time in the world to hang out and talk and have sex” (some people call this grad school). I said, “Back then you wanted someone who was full of passion for you. Now you want someone to help you find your eyeglasses”. ...more

This is too brilliant (even though I am under 40 and pro-Hillary):

She may not hug you all ...more