Bloggers: Do You Have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Bloggers who spend majority of their time typing away at home are at risk for many conditions related to inadequate mobility. Paradoxically, if you blog day in and day out, that means you’re also prone to one other condition that’s actually due to repetitive injury: carpal tunnel syndrome.But when you think of carpal tunnel syndrome, you probably think of someone who spends all day typing, right? It turns out that there are many other ways to injure your wrist.You don't have to be a typing genius like Mavis Beacon to end up with carpel tunnel; you can get it playing tennis, playing video games, and even by spending too much time behind the wheel. Carpel tunnel syndrome is also a side effect of rheumatoid arthritis, which means you can hurt your carpal tunnel without even engaging in strenuous activity.Here's what you need to know about your carpel tunnel, and what you should do if you suspect you have this syndrome....more

depressed, anxious prone to eczema and carpal tunnel, problems sleeping ,heartpalpatations, welcome to hypothyroidism!

 i have been struggling with depression on and off for years, always suffering more in the winter months. hah i chalked it up to a  self diagnosis of SAD seasonal affective disorder. This year my bout started january, november and december were crucial months in the making of my january depression. i had falling outs with my only siblings, stopped speaking to them and i was trying to find a new place to live bouncing from place to place between july and november. i found a place in late november and my kids and i had a sparse xmas....more
Thank you for sharing your story. You are helping many women by sharing your story. I was ...more

Yoga Safety and the Carpal Tunnel

My Yoga Online - Dr. Carla Cupido has posted a new Yoga Anatomy article, Carpal Tunnel and Yoga, on My Yoga Online. Dr. Cupido looks at the important aspect of preventing the development of chronic carpal tunnel conditions due to one's Yoga practice and daily activities. ...more