Lessons in Carpooling: No Egg Salad and No Suggestive Music

There are many awkward situations one will face throughout the emotionally unstable, pimple-laden journey that is growing up. One of those situations is most likely carpooling. It is a forced togetherness based solely upon proximity and convenience, nothing more. In my case, I was stuck riding to school with various families throughout elementary school, none of whom were friends or even kids in my grade. But most of the time, the awkwardness didn't even come from the lack of commonality I shared with the other kids riding with me. It came from their parents. ...more

The one car couple

My husband and I are now empty nesters. Woo hoo! We raised our glasses and toasted that both our children have jobs and paychecks. One just graduated from college and the other is halfway through. That is the good news. Here is the bad news. We have one vehicle. So you askā€¦.Why did you give away your cars to your children? They have jobs, they can buy their own vehicles?! We decided, as a couple, that it would be easier, initially, for them to get on their way without any drama, to take the two cars and get to work....more

How to get to SF -- let me count the ways

For most of us living in Silicon Valley, San Francisco is "just a drive away". I used to think nothing of heading up to the city for a night out or to catch a weekend festival. With today's gas prices, we've begun to pause and think twice about making the drive up. For this week's BlogHer conference, I looked at 3 options for getting there: ...more

we're going to have so much fun bonggamom!

there are also 100 satelite radio channels, ...more

National Public Health Week - April 7-13. The Environment and our Public Health. It is time to Take Action!

National Public Health Week - April 7-13. The Environment and our Public Health. ...more