NaBloPoMo: Favorite Character - Carrie Bradshaw

Happy Monday loves! Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo is "Who is your favourite character of all time?". Well, it's none other than the wonderful Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City....more

EX in the City

Last week I went to New York City.  That's right, The Big Apple, City that Never Sleeps,  If I can make it there...etc.  I went to visit my sister, who owns an apartment across the street from Lincoln Center, 27 floors up, with doormen and revolving doors, (if someone knows a way of getting through one while dragging carry on luggage without looking like an idiot, let me know. )  Anyway, it is New York City living at its' finest complete with an upscale Mexican restaurant in the bottom floor....more

Sex in the Country

Once upon a time I lived in the city.  I lived in New York way before Carrie Bradshaw and her merry followers took the city by storm in their Jimmy Choos and Prada dresses.  I never dressed quite like Samantha or Charlotte, but I remember walking up Madison Avenue wishing I could afford the beautiful clothes, and every time I zipped by Vera Wang, I could cry....more

How to Get a Happier Marriage: Dear Carrie Bradshaw, Don't Blame Marriage

I loved your voice overs and your laptop screen. Neither of us could have been so entirely shallow, really, because I've never known a shoe that wasn't orthopedic, but I liked you, Carrie Bradshaw, still. I liked you, though you've done harm. You have! The number of women I know who don't believe it's love unless it's tumultuous -- that's down to you, CB. ...more
The impact of Sex and the City on our culture is absolutely insane. But I agree completely with ...more

Enhanced eBook app: Books that talk while you read

 Imagine reading a book on your iPhone or IPad and hearing the book read to you at the same time. New enhanced eBook editions incorporate audio and video as well as text....more

The Difference Is Four Percent

As if we aren't self-conscious enough about stepping through the looking glass of marriage and parenthood, occasionally something small occurs to crystallize a reality that we are no longer "cool" in the same way we were in our sing ...more

I read a few years ago about Victoria's Secret taking some heat for a similar thing. ...more

Sex Feels So Good

Year after year, my girlfriends were my salvation."---Carrie Bradshaw ...more

Sex Feels So Good

Year after year, my girlfriends were my salvation."---Carrie Bradshaw ...more