Gluten Free Menu with 7 recipes and a Shopping List - Every Week!

Hi all, I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know about a new service that I've added to my blog. It's called Gluten Free Suppers and it is a weekly gluten free menu with recipes and shopping list. If you cook gluten free and have been having trouble figuring out what is for supper, then check it out.The recipes are chosen to be easy to cook and easy on the budget! ...more

31 Halloween Tricks & Treats!

Here are 31 Halloween Tricks and Treats that work well for children who have a food allergy or peanut allergy but also for kids with any special dietary needs or for moms who just want their kids to eat a little less candy. The most popular seems to be #8 the "bait and switch" It wont work for all ages but may work for you! Take care, Gina ...more

Fantastic 100% whole grain zucchini bread recipe: food allergy-friendly and still so good!

I’ve been unable to make much zucchini bread this season, which is terribly sad since it freezes really well and can be made in a zillion delicious varieties and all things being equal is a pretty healthy dessert option. Today however the stars aligned and I was able to knock out a few batches of zucchini bread with the last of the summer squash from the farm. My recipe eats up a good amount of zucchini, uses 100% organic whole grains, is lower in fat than traditional recipes, and is wheat free, dairy free, and soy free (it is not gluten free or sugar free, and if you add in chocolate chips, all bets are off). ...more

It does sound good and full of healthy ingredients.

Kalyn Denny