Who determines womanhood?

Last week it was announced TO THE WORLD that Caster Semenya is in fact a woman and is able to compete in athletic events as a woman. Why the global effort to determine the gender of one person on this planet?...more

Caster Semenya's on Suicide Watch: What If She Were Your Child?

What if this were your child, champion South African runner Caster Semenya? ...more

Caster's story shows us how cruel and competitive people can be.

She is an athlete, that is ...more

Questioning Gender

Before we dig into the latest gender news, be sure to read Rita's post, Transgendered Children. It's important that you hear that story before you dig into the story of Pop, the child being raised without gender. ...more

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Minding your manners

"She look like man!" blasted the defeated Russian. "She's a man!" roared Italy's Elisa Piccione. And now, the World Championship gold medal winner, Caster Semenya, has been told she has to "prove" that she is a woman, or lose her medal. ...more