How to Turn Your Walk Of Shame Into a Stride of Pride

I never understood the "walk of shame" concept.Apparently, you're supposed to feel embarrassed to walk home past strangers, neighbors, or peers in the morning after a night of partying and sex still wearing last night's clothes....more

Does "Casual Sex" = "Sex Like A Man"?

Ever since my breakup, I have been having sex like a man. What do I mean “sex like a man”, you ask? Well, just what you think – no strings, casual sex. And no, I don’t feel bad about it. ...more
@Dee Acampa Bioioidentical hormone replacement? Please tell me more! I am 48years old and had a ...more

Casual Sex: Nobody is Perfect

Everyone makes mistakes.  There are rules but it’s still easy to make mistakes.  If you let something slide you can still wind up in a pseudo-relationship.  Now you know the rules!  Sometimes it’s hard to follow them and when you start ignoring them you can easily find yourself in a situation that isn’t going to end well.  You’ll quickly find that you are more invested than you planned....more
You've described a very common situation and I think you did an awesome job. We so have to be ...more

Casual Sex: The Rules of Casual Sex

There are some simple rules to help keep you out of trouble when it comes to having casual sex.  They are some basic ground rules that will help you understand the separation of sex and emotion and why it can be important not only in a casual situation but in a relationship as well.The RulesHave sex with someone you find insanely, physically attractive.  The more involved your privates are the less you’ll be thinking with your brain and… you want to fuck someone hot....more
As long as you stay true to yourself and know what you are doing…lets enjoy lifemore

Casual Sex: The Basic Types of Casual Sex

Casual sex is simple really.  Of course everything can get complicated.  You have to understand the nature of the encounter.  You have to be aware of the nature of your relationship with your sexual partner.   You have to be clear, even if only with yourself, about what you are wanting.  If you understand the situation and there is no confusion about what is going transpire then sex is simple.  If you are conflicted then the whole experience can be emotionally damaging....more

Casual Sex: Some Male Perspective

As promised, this installment of Casual Sex is written by my very good friend, Doug (aka Dark Water) at diaryofadougfiend.  I wanted a man’s perspective on the role of sex in relationship.  I felt it was important to include a male voice and this is one male voice I greatly respect and relate to.  He did an amazing job and I am so thankful to him for taking some time to offer his own perspective.  I’ll let Doug take it from here....more

Casual Sex: The Value of Sex

Admittedly, casual sex isn’t for everyone.  In the case of women, most of us were raised from a very young age that sex was something that came after love and that commitment we made with our bodies was some sort of lifetime connection we made with our partner.  As you women we learn, with some disappointment, this is not always the case.  In fact it may never be the case. ...more
your mind is so foreign to me, i can't help wanting to understand it... LOL... i always love to ...more

I Met My Husband On The Internet

Ok, I have just about heard it all so anything that is rolling around in your mind that is sarcastic, judgmental, or slightly insulting in regards to the title of this article is just fine.  And it's probably true, too....more

You Know You Might Be a Booty Call If...

First of all, let me state for the record, I have no issue with the concept of booty call.  If both partners are consenting, and know exactly what they’ve signed up for - great.  However, it seems as though women can’t see the forest for the trees inside the booty call at times.  Meaning, the man involved knows exactly what it is....more

Casual Sex: Booty Calls and Friends with Benefits - Do They Work?

I've never been one for the whole 'friends with benefits' thing because the notion of seeing me Monday and a bunch of other women on other days of the week and then occasionally back to me wouldn't work. It's not just the mental picture or the lack of loyalty that I demand, it's the gross factor of getting naked with a bunch of people. Condoms aside (and they don't work for all diseases), there's a lot more going on between the sheets than intercourse and I'm not the kind of gal who could wrap my head around it all....more