Do You Wear Yoga Pants -- When You're Not Doing Yoga? Is That OK?

Does this sound familiar? It's Tuesday and you don't have any plans to leave the house so you think, Eh, I'll just throw on my yoga pants today, which is fine until you realize that you need to run to the grocery/post office/coffee shop and so you do and you run into your ex/your mother-in-law/that woman from the carpool line who always looks like a supermodel. And you think, Argh, why didn't I get dressed? ...more
Very nice blog, i do enjoy yoga too, so i sometimes wear my new yoga pants ...more

Easy updates for your casual closet

Josi has a question: "I am having the hardest time this year getting motivated for the move from shorts and tank tops to pants and whatever! It's back to school time, and I want to look cute picking up the kids, carting them around to lessons and practices.....cute but PRACTICAL. I have no problem getting way dressed up, but need ideas for outfits to wear just running around town...any ideas (I am in Texas so it is still pretty hot)." ...more

I guess i ruined my comment with my subject line, but seriously, those gap pants are awesome ...more

What to wear with a three-quarter sleeve blazer

I just bought a Halogen three-quarter sleeve blazer. Of course, I am cheap, and didn't buy anything to match. What should I wear this with? It looks good with my nice jeans and ok with my khakis. I am wondering about a skirt, or maybe black pants. It looks weird with all the skirts I own, and I currently don't own black pants. Nancy ...more

Would you like to be a contributor on The Fashionable Housewife blog? I've been reading your ...more

Tunic dresses and footless tights: A how-to guide

Tired of jeans and a tee for casual wear? Looking for something that is AS comfortable as your yoga pants but just a LITTLE nicer looking? I have the answer: a tunic dress and a pair of footless tights. Like the classic jeans and a tee look, this requires no elaborate planning; like the ubiquitous sweat suit, it is comfy and cozy. But unlike both of those options, a dress is a more grown up, thoughtful, elegant look. Even when the dress is essentially an overgrown sweater. Banana Republic jersey tunic dress, $98.00 ...more

It’s time that we ALL wear leggings. Choose a well made pair - not with cotton fibers that bag ...more