The Angel Disguised as a Veterinarian.

Rewind to 14 years ago. I am at a raging house party…well, of course I am. Where else would I be? I bend down to wipe up a drink that I’ve spilled and looking through the sliding glass door is the cutest face with the longest whiskers that I’ve ever seen. The face is attached to a fat little body wearing what looks to be a fur tuxedo....more

Goodbye, Old Friend

I'm not a cat lover.  And it's not because I don't think they're beautiful...or smart...or enjoy their unique personalities.  It's because I'm allergic.  Sneeze my head off, itch all over, kind of allergy.  And for that reason alone, I steer clear of most cats.So one might think it odd that I've been sad all week about a certain beloved cat in our family.  More than just sad, I've grieved.  Our cat, who's been a part of our home for over twelve years, is gone.  We took him to the vet today to end his aging pain. ...more
 @victorias_view  someone shared with me that "pets are a gift from God to bring us JOY" and ...more

Seven Social Networking Sites for Cat Lovers

Guest post by Mary Ward ...more