On a Stick and in My Budget: Fun Wedding Food Ideas

I love wedding stuff that's not only fun to plan, but a blast for guests and relatively cheap. Inspired by a vendor we featured recently, Bella's Concessions, I spent an hour or two admiring country-fair and carnival style weddings all over the web (check out my resulting pin board). I love the idea of fairground-style food, barbecues, and casual buffets to keep things fun for all ages and easy on the wallet....more
I love the retro popcorn bags. So cute. I like the chocolate cigars ...more

Apple Ham Panni

today i went in extra early I had to get some things done for the day because i was going to be gone to the dentist and the doctor.  Letti was covering for me.  Steph pitched in to help get the dishes done and make sure things were done for the day.  I had set up Marty and Lori to cover for me but lori showed up at 12:30 right in the middle of the rush and marty was there but doing his own thing, said lstti didn't ask for his help, a tema player just pitches in and doesn't wait to be ask.  I love it how when I'm gone everyone just wants to be the boss.  Marty compla...more



Tastes of Chicago: The Perfect Party Food

As a displaced Chicagoan, I take my hot dogs very seriously.  They have to be Vienna Beef with neon green relish.  Sport peppers, celery salt, and poppy seed buns, need to be involved too. I’ve had zero luck replicating this experience in Los Angeles. Don’t even talk to me about Pinks – it’s a lovely place – but I’m always the yahoo holding up the line acting out what a sport pepper is.  I’ve given up.  Now I order take-out from Chicago -- yes -- the City of. ...more

I grew up in Philadelphia my whole life. I decided to go to school down in VA, which was ...more

Styletools: Special event venue planning sheet

Ah, yes, fancy party planning. Coordinating your very own special event can be fascinating and exciting, or it can be completely miserable. The key to making the experience the former is to be organized, and prepared to ask many, many questions. www.stylefool.com has a downloadable list of questions to ask your catering manager for your special event so you ask everything you need to and aren't surprised by hidden fees. ...more