On Notre Dame and Life

I watched coverage of the Notre Dame debacle on Sunday and was struck by two things: 1) the erosion of both religious integrity and personal conviction. 2) the illogical framing of the abortion debate. ...more

I've thought about this a lot, and more

BlogHer of the Week: Conversion Diary

There's a nutty truth to human nature -- mine anyway. Here it is: Even when I have a roof over my head, healthy loved ones, plenty to eat, my father isn't trying to sell me and I don't live in a war zone... Sometimes? I whine. In Escape from "If Only!" Island, Blogger Jennifer F goes owns that human weakness, even going so far as to subtitle her post, "On My Staggering Inability to be Grateful". She writes: ...more


 I would like to send you a personal message, but couldn't find your e-mail ...more

Catholic Pardon? Gimme a Break.

  I have long been in a struggle with the Catholic religion, and at times organized religion in general.I encourage the practice of faith. I encourage the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of any other enlightened and introspective being that can offer insight, understanding, compassion and comfort on our spiritual and physical journey as a human being. ...more

Saints of the week, and saints of our own hearts

When I was a little girl and still Catholic, the masses were held in Latin. I would sit in the incense-filled church, surrounded by the comfortable blur of faith sounds, and read my St Joseph's Daily Missal, a book that had the mass, translations of the Latin, prayers, information, theology and my favorite part -- a whole big section at the back called "Lives of the Saints". I would read that over and over, looking for stories about holy girls and women. This was one place in the church that women (other than Mary) were revered on an equal footing with men. ...more

I just love Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork! She's be at the top of my list too.



Do What Feels Right

I was raised in New Jersey.  Italian/Irish.  Catholic..  Yes indeed, I went to Sunday School, made my Holy Communion, Confession, etc.  In my latter years I have even subbed for Sunday School. Over the last few years and much soul searching, I have found myself to be more spiritual than religious. ...more


Friday, October 17, 2008 ...more

Thank you.  I will be sure to check out your post!  Have a blessed day.more

Tim Russert, We'll Miss Ya

http://www.youtube.com/v/9FKHbipwKrY&hl=en ...more

Catholic Child, Awakening Adult

Grew up Catholic. Eight years. All girls school. ...more

Hi Dawn,

Since it was not written in sadness, I can't explain why it feels sad to you.  ...more

oakies unite!

dear BlogHer women, as the designated chronicler for three families -- including two pregnant moms, a toddler, and a husky dog -- living in a Washington, DC city core farmhouse, i invite you to check out our blog at www.oakies.wordpress.com. we're about simplicity, faith, justice, and life-together. and we have a good sense of humor. : ) see you there! laura ...more