My Philadelphia Neighborhood is Getting Ready for Pope Francis

Last week, I was in Brooklyn, New York, and I got into a conversation with an employee of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority about Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States. I was incredulous when he asked, "When is he coming to New York? Is he coming to Philly first and then going to New York, or is it the other way around?" ...more
professorkim Sounds fun. I will venture in the area to see what is happening. However, the ...more


-REMOVED- ...more
My ex was having multiple affairs and our daughter (16) had cancer!  And was going through ...more

Are you there God?

The conversation started innocently. I was at a friend’s cookout. A mutual friend and I began conversing about CCD (Catholic education). Bridget is of the age to begin CCD and learn the rites of passage in the faith. There are just a few small problems with that: 1. While she is of “age” she is not of “grade” (most children begin at 1st grade) 2. Learning (enough said) and 3. while most kids do not understand what sin is they do know right from wrong....more

Not Your Parents' Rhythm Method

I'm late to the party, but thought I should do my bit to promote NFP Awareness Week.If you aren't Catholic (and in a sad commentary on lots of things, maybe even if you are) you may have no idea what NFP even is.  The doctor I went to see right after I was married didn't.  Of course, that's been a while back, so maybe the situation has improved....more

Do You Pray to Saints?

“What should I possibly have to tell you, oh venerable one? Perhaps that you're searching far too much?“What should I possibly have to tell you, oh venerable one? Perhaps that you're searching far too much? That in all that searching, you don't find the time for finding?” - Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha...more

Dear Pope Francis, It's Me Again

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:  www.LaliGallery.comI thought you might like to know my opinion of your papacy so far. ...more

It's Ash Wednesday, y'all

 Today is Ash Wednesday, for all you Catholics out there. For you non-Catholics, today is one of the three days argued to be Single Awareness Day. (Because, apparently, y’all can’t settle on one unanimously and are, instead, having what almost equates to Single Awareness Week. What next? Single Awareness Fortnight?)...more
I love how you mom has evolved.  I think it is a great solution for Lent.  Great ...more