The Write Spot, with Author Sydell Voeller

Welcome to The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. It's my pleasure this week to welcome author Sydell Voeller....more
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4 Life Lessons I Learned from My Boyfriend’s Cat

House cats have got life figured out. They have it downright made. All they have to do is look cute with their furry faces and their cute paws and I will do all kinds of things for them. My boyfriend's cat, Bob, is certainly not an exception. He has it made. He meows, I fawn over him. He meows, he gets pets. He meows, he gets fed. He has the life. We could learn a lot from Bob and other cats. You may be asking what one could possibly learn from a lazy, furry thing like a house cat. A few things actually.   ...more

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! This day was essentially created in an effort to combat the bad PR black cats have endured (they have the lowest adoption rate and the highest rate of euthanasia at shelters). ...more
Me too, Denise! Our black cat (pictured above) is the first cat we've owned who is recently ...more

Rewrite It !

Today, I am going to rewrite a post about my dogs to about the Cats :) Animals : Peanut My Dog  Do you have children? I do not and because I do not have children the world may actually be a safer place. When and where possible those who choose not to have children get Animals.I have had my share of ducks, birds, horses, and dogs. My time with Cats was spent in Gilroy in what was my first "serious" relationship....more

My cat is in the closet...

I am sitting at this computer, waiting for pages to load, thinking out loud that this is the slowest computer in the world -- even though I am the only person in the room. And then I hear movement in the closet, shuffling, rearranging, moving paper, and, then, silence (yes, I hear that too, as it is so conspicuously different, that absence of sound). My cat is in the closet.I get up and shoot a photo -- and manage to capture something tolerable on the first shot, because I didn't want to disturb this precious kitty in whatever it is she is doing....more

Sweet Furry Face Licking

He was bigger and older, wiser you could say—if you know cats well. He took her under his wing because he knew that he would be a better teacher for her than the dog, although dogs have their own wisdom. Even a wise dog will never truly understand a cat the way another cat will, of course....more

Cat Habits Explained!

Miracle of the 15 Claws

Meet Miracle. She only has three paws (at five claws per paw that's fifteen) and half a tail. And despite being full grown, she's tiny! She's the small thing I'm celebrating today....more

My Therapist Can Talk To Animals- Part 1

Last Fall, my depression got so unbearable that I finished a quest I started nearly three years prior to get a referral to a civilian psychiatrist. My husband is a military psychiatrist and we felt it best I didn't visit his colleagues for my mental health care at the military hospital where our insurance prefers we go for care. I was so desperate for help that when the referral incorrectly placed me with a psychologist, rather than psychiatrist, I called and made the appointment anyway....more
More, more! I want to know if your cat stopped peeing outside the litter box! And if you kept ...more

The kitties.

(I had to write this.  It has been expected.) Max....more