Remember Pets with Handmade Holiday Gifts

It was cold last night, yet I was warm while I slept because my dog Jake curled up right next to me.  Today, the dogs will greet my every return to the house (even if I just went out to the mail), eagerly taste test my food to insure it's safety, and coat the carpet in a decorative layer of additional fur.  Other peoples' cats will prowl their houses looking for stray dust motes and mice to chase.  Hamsters will spin on their wheels and squeak an alarm when the refrigerator door opens.  Parrots will mimic.  Fish will calm with their steady back and forth motion. ...more

For our cat, a sock full of cat-nip and a big empty paper bag tipped sideways seemed to ...more

Amber's Mewsings

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got their fill of turkey!  I got a special yummy Thanksgiving meal yesterday, and for once, Mom didn’t spend most of the day on the computer, so it was a really good day.  I’m so thankful for my mom -  she’s the best. ...more

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Pets

    ASPCA experts offer these tips for a fulfilling Thanksgiving that your pets can enjoy, too. ...more

Book Review: Animal Magnetism by Rita Mae Brown


I'm not a sneaky pie fan and add that on top of just plain disliking Rita Mae... I'm wary. I ...more

Training Cats

Guest Post by Elaine Viets There are people who can train cats to do tricks, to walk with a leash, to use the toilet and flush afterward. Dominique, the Key West cat man, has a whole show using his specially trained “flying house cats.” He gets them to walk on tightropes and jump through hoops. ...more

Book Review: Catsong by T.J. Banks

Posted by Ingrid ...more

A Mystery Author and Her Cats - Guest Post by New York Times Bestselling Author Lorna Barrett

When my editor told me he wanted the protagonist in my Booktown Mysteries to have a store cat, it seemed like a no brainer.  I’d just model the cat after one of my own.  After all, I’d been proudly owned by cats since the age of six.  Surely one of my current- or ex-feline friends would fit the bill. ...more

What Happens During an Animal Communication?

One of the most questions I’m asked most frequently--well, after people exclaim, “You mean you really talk to animals?”--is this: “What happens during an animal communication?” The short answer is anything and everything.  Just like when you’re talking with humans, sometimes the conversations are everyday and humdrum.  There are times, however, when the unexpected happens....more

Buckley's Story Released Today

Amber, settling in for a good read. ...more

Random Mind Scan: Memories of Pets Emerge

Sometimes, random snippets of memories enter our mind for no apparent reason.  Today, Cathleen Hulbert remembers former pets in this guest post.   We’d love it if you leave a comment and share your stories of pets that have come and gone, and touched your lives. Guest Post by Cathleen Hulbert What set this off? The names and faces of former pets begin to work their way into my memory. ...more