Cat on bike trail

Visible bike! Biking through the forest! Big wheeled bike! Orange cat named Horace! He was a poet! He wrote odes! Some kind of poets! Bike down the roads! Bike to the store! Buy some treats! The kitty-cat store! Where they sell only meats! Meats and mouses! Mouses are good! But tell you what—mouses.... Can't beat a bike ride through the wild and scary woods! ...more

Testing Territory

I think our two cats were testing territory. They both came to us as older feral kittens over three years ago. Both have very different personalities. One is black and the other is calico. We were warned that calico cats are very independent and like to be the only cat around. She escorts any other cat from the property no matter how big in comparison to her size. I am always taking photos of them. So, when I couldn't find them in their usual spots I went looking for them. ...more

Do I get a gold star for being Mommy of the Day?

So I've been sick with the flu since Sunday and my two little people are having a hard time understanding why Mommy needs them to be quiet.  (They surley don't get that anymore noise will cause Mommy's head to explode!)  I was a star mom yesterday... ...more

Pet Loss: Yes, It Hurts

Days before we won ourselves a shiny new President, my best friend died of liver cancer. Simone was my feline compadre for the past eight years. Of all my pets, we were the most alike - loving but independent, adventurous but domesticated, vain but sloppy. Our favorite hobbies? ...more

I couldnt help crying a little as it brought back memories of my own pet losses. They sure do ...more

Rescue Pets Rock

I was researching what to feed the latest canine addition to our family and I saw a site with some questions from people concerned that a rescue dog won’t bond with the family. Apparently, this is a pretty persistent myth and it makes me really sad.  Rescue animals can be terrific companions if you take a little bit of time to choose the right one for your family. Read the entire post at Colormepink! ...more


Recently, after ten minutes of dinner conversation with Phoebe wherein I found myself nodding and saying things like: JESSICA: My eyes aren’t purple, your eyes are purple. I just couldn’t pretend smile anymore and so I stupidly decided to ask her what she wanted for Hanukkah. PHOEBE: I want a kitty cat and a puppy and 2 bunny rabbits to which I responded: ...more

Help! What's in a Name? (contest!)

Kitten naming contest: what would you name this orange ball of fuzz? Submit your suggestion and you could win the prize. ...more

Any pet writers out there?

Any pet writers out there? If you write books, magazine articles, I don't know, labels for pet food (lol), you'd probably like to go to the first Business of Pet Writing Conference in New York City next February at the Radisson Martinique. It's a little ways in the future, but planning ahead is never a bad idea. You can get more information about it (and some adorable pet photos) on my blog today at: ...more

Trying to leash-train my cat - lots of work!

Trying to leash-train my cat has been more complicated than I expected! ...more

Why Cats Should Not Be Let Outside

Why Cats Should Not Be Let Outside Cats are some of the best pets imaginable. Far more independent than dogs, they still enjoy human company and are an endless source of entertainment and comfort. As a cat owner, one of the things you will definitely want to avoid is letting your cat go outside. It's a big, dangerous world for felines and there are many reasons why your cat should stay indoors where he will be safe and sound. Here are just a few of the reasons why it's not safe for your cat to head out into the great outdoors. ...more