He didn't run away.......................................

I was playing "wingman" to my girlfriend who was on the outs with her boyfriend. WAs not in the mood really, so when this young, handsome fella started talking to me I knew the quickest way to scare him off was to tell him about myself. So I started with "I'm 38, I have two teenagers, two cats and I'm on the verge on filing for bankruptcy". He didn't run. One year and one day later we were married. Now we have one baby to go along with "our" two teenagers, have added two more cats to the family and I'm now 41 to his 31 years of age. ...more

what an amazing twistmore

Losing My Dog - Five Months Later

There are dogs everywhere in California. In San Diego, specifically in my sister's Ocean Beach neighborhood, there seems to be a dog for at least every other human being. It's kind of crazy. Chihuahuas take on boxers at the farmer's market. Dogs are on(and occasionally off) leash in just about every store. There are Frosty Paws (tm) in a freezer case at the ice cream shop so they can have their treat while the humans do. ...more

Pets are familymembers. It is very hard to loose a family member.


We have ...more

Mi Amiga Querida

This post is from my wordpress blog March 2008 For much of my life I've enjoyed the dance of absolute love and staggering indifference that comes with the territory of cat ownership. Perhaps I should say feline companionship, as one never owns a cat. ...more

Seniors and their animals

I know there has been much written on how an animal can positively affect the life of a person aging and I will say I agree but...I think sometimes we need to have a talk with our loved one about the animal, its care and what are the desires of our loved one if something should happen? ...more

Pets Equal Presidential Promise? McCain Ahead By a Pack.

"If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog."- Harry Truman Calvin Coolidge went above and beyond the call, reportedly owned a pygmy hippo and a wallaby, but I'm ashamed to say that I don't know enough about his presidency to know if that says anything about his track record. (That may say enough, actually - with those kinds of animals on your mind, what time do you have left to run the country?) ...more

The Kitty named Dolly

I just got a new kitty. Her name is Dolly. She is so little, and SO CUTE! The thing is, she LOVES water!! She sits in her water dish, and if I forget to put the toilet lid down, she sits in there. She loves taking my shower with me. Are there other kitty owners with a kitty like this? ...more

My Week (end) in Pictures

I decided to haul my camerrrAH around with me just to see what I might find. This is what found me: This is my cat....she doesn’t KNOW that she’s a cat, and I’m not tellin’ her. She assumes royal bloodline, and I roll with it. I would like to be her in my next life. ...more

Mitten Kittens

I’m smitten with a mitten kitten (okay, I’m a cornball) No, not that kind of mitten! ...more

I'm new here

I have 2 blogs dealing with keeping healthy and reducing chemical exposure for ourselves as well as our pets. ...more

Domestic Distractions

Friday, March 21, 2008 Full Moon Saturn Retrograde Sunny and cold 33 degrees F out there this morning, and the scumbag landlords haven’t given us heat since sometime yesterday. Guess I’ll be spending the day with the Health Department, filing yet more paperwork. ...more