Six Ways to Save Money on Healthy Pet Foods

Although pets can be an expensive addition to any household, I wouldn't give them up for anything. I learned through painful lessons with a previous pet that feeding them cheap foods full of god-knows-what in order to save a few bucks is not worth it in the long run. Lower-quality foods often lead to weight gain, which--just as with humans--can lead to diseases like diabetes and increased risk of some cancers. ...more

A Wii Bit of Diving Heaven

This week I went to a part of the South Pacific called Manoa Lai to be the scuba diving guide on The Gabbiano, a marine research vessel with shiny teak decks, white sails and get this, 3 penguin pets. I slammed the door on the negative 5 degree temps of Maine and jumped feet-first into coral-filled waters to drift with schools of parrotfish and tangs and the occasional curious dolphin. I explored coral canyons, swam through blue holes and found an ancient medal on the sea floor. The most amazing part about this Never B4 is that I did it all from my couch. ...more

Your diving experience was sounding like heaven. Then I hit the couch part and it stopped me ...more

The New Kid on the Block

There's a new kid on the block and she has four legs. She's a little seal point Siamese kitty, and she goes by the name of Tiffany. She came into our home as a 'replacement' playmate for Misty, who recently lost her big "brother" Jake. At this point in time, Misty still isn't too sure of this new interloper and provides a free hissing service when she think it will be advantageous to her. In other words--she does it when she thinks I am watching. ...more

Resolving to Take - But Not to Steal - Appealing Pet Pictures

Although I'm tempted to start off Pets, 2008 BlogHer-style with an in-depth analysis of how and why Internet commenters mistakenly killed off blogosphere dog rockstar Chuck because Heather (aka Dooce) and Jon Armstrong got a new (adorable, oh dear, so cute) puppy, I will not. ...more

Inside Edition paid a visit to the Gaughran-Perez ...more

They're On a Roll: Sweet Chihuahua Pups Get Some Wheels!

For those who follow the progress of North Shore Animal League America's famous Chihuahua trio, Venus, Carmen and Pablo, there's news: these charming dogs, born without their front legs and rescued by the League from a Virginia shelter, now have front-wheel drive, in the form of carts that will assist their mobility. ...more

PamLSB - Awww, glad to see those little guys getting some help to get around.more

The musings of a dog food dealer/mom

This is a venting place for an over 25 year old mom. I might mention my children, their sperm donors, or my cats. I also am the founder of a local pet food pantry/bank, so I deal in dog food on a weekly basis. ...more

Healthy Pets, Happy Holidays - Keeping Your Best Friends Safe and Sound

It might be said that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who put antlers on their tiny dog at holiday time, and those who don't. ...more

I was really happy that there were so many people blogging about it...But there's so much ...more

Rocket Dog Rescue: Dog Saves Woman, Woman Saves Dog

We're thinking about getting a dog, or a cat, or both. I can't decide. In my surfing around for adoption opportunities, I came across the incredible story of Pali Boucher, the founder of Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. ...more

Thanks for sharing your story, Helene!


Britt Bravo
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Eco Kittie

I’ve had cats for about three and a half years, and for most of the last two years I have used “natural” cat litter. You may ask, what is unnatural about clay litter? The difference is that the natural types of litter are biodegradable in landfills, rather than sitting there and solidifying for fifty years into rocks of clay and poo (not to mention the fact that many times the clay that is used for traditional kittie litters come from strip mines, and contain all sorts of things that are bad for you to breathe). Read more... ...more

When Christian Virtues Collide

Faced with a choice between teaching discipline and teaching love, this mother chose to believe Jesus: the greatest of these is love. It turns out that both can be taught at once when you throw a storm-terrified cat into the mix. ...more