Why Does Justin Bieber's Perfume Look Like It's Been Vajazzled?

Justin Bieber's new perfume for young ladies, called "Someday," is taking his young fans by storm, as does everything Bieber bestows upon the world. After catching wind of this news after the craziness at his Macy's appearance blew up on Twitter, I've been a bit baffled that reporters aren't mentioning the obvious....more
If that perfume bottle looks like a vagina, any flower ever looks like one. While I don't ...more

Do They Know It's Christmas Time Yet? Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Band Aid

We've become accustomed to celebrity charitable endorsements, but let me transport you back to a simpler time long ago, exactly 25-years ago in the magical, shiny 1980s, when it was rare to see contemporary famous icons stepping forward to align themselves with a cause.  What's more, a group of disparate performers uniting to create an original song to raise awareness and funds for a new charity?  It had never been done until Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and a star-studded entourage formed the ad hoc Band Aid and released "Do They Know It's Christmas" in 1984. ...more

I always figured the Ethiopian Jews didn't know it was Christmas time due to ...more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Bunk

Three years ago, I saw a story on the news while I was at the gym. An investigative feature on the breast cancer awareness contributions that various corporations pledged during Breast Cancer Awareness Month found that most of these promotions led to increased sales and windfall profits that dwarfed the piddling donations that the extra sales generated. Until that moment, I was gung-ho about buying products marked with pink ribbons. ...more

Wow what an interesting point of view. My mom has struggled with breast cancer for about 10 ...more

From Ashton Kutcher to Soup: Super Bowl Giving

It never hurts to organize a fundraising campaign around an event, even the Super Bowl.  I've compiled some  Super Bowl fundraiser ideas, celebrity events, and corporate cause marketing campaigns below. The Following the Equator blog has several ideas for Super Bowl Fundraisers including raffling off a flat screen TV, and setting up a football pool. ...more

Thanks for the information about the Habitat for Humanity SuperBuild, miscellanea. It ...more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2008: The Best of the Worst Marketing

I loathe Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Don't get me wrong - the idea of promoting breast health is fantastic. I am in a high risk category for breast cancer. When she was 33 years old, my mother noticed pus oozing out of her left nipple. She immediately went to the doctor, and a biopsy indicated that it was breast cancer. With a five year old and an 10 month old at home, my mom was rushed into surgery for a radical mastectomy. This saved her life, and she has been cancer-free for almost thirty years now. I want all women to have the same success rate as my mom, but what October has turned into is a free-for-all profit center for corporations that exploit women's fears and often even sell products that contain cancer causing chemicals. ...more

... so you get nothing. You've hit the problem square in the face by noting that all cancers ...more

Pink Ribbon Madness: Say No to Breast Cancer Exploitation for Corporate Profit

October is a great time of the year. Those of us who live in certain climates are treated to a beautiful show from nature as the leaves on trees turn vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Kids of all ages rejoice in Halloween festivities, dressing up in costumes and stuffing their faces with candy. It's a life-affirming month, assuming that you can avoid what has come to be the tyranny of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. ...more
@Surfman1 YOU need to know about some of the people this charlatan has SCAMMED with his unproven ...more

Disease Marketing: The Tales of the Modern-day Snake Oil Salesmen

As we start October, one is reminded of the tenth month not by falling temperatures or early sunsets, but by pink products bombarding us at every turn. The start of the largest annual medical awareness campaign is a time for us to stop, pause, and think about the ramifications and true intentions behind this and other awareness events. Sometimes, medical awareness campaigns can be a prime example of disease marketing--that is, they are sometimes launched for the purpose of creating demand for pharmaceutical products. ...more

I linked to this article in a post I wrote today called "not in my name."

Big Pharma is a ...more