The End of a Trimester

According to the Baby Center App that I've downloaded to my iPhone, this is the last week of my first trimester - which translates into: It's been two months since I went all cold-turkey off my antidepressants (which they totally advise you not to do - but I did, because I'd already successfully weaned myself off several months ago when we started trying to conceive; but when I started to notice changes in the way I thought and handled things, I decided that sanity trumped having an antidepressant free uterus, ...more

Today I woke up...

Today I woke up.  Today I woke up sad.  Today I woke up.Sad, according to Merriam-Webster, means " affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness."  Unhappy.  Hmmm.  Perhaps that could describe the lack of joy I feel today?  No, I am not unhappy but rather not happy....more

Anticipation, My story about P.M.D.D

I was first diagnosed with PMDD in 2000.  (Shortly after my third child was born)  At the end of every cycle, I was out of control!  Crying, yelling, worrying, screaming...and should I mention the physical symptoms?  Okay..Headache, tender breasts, severe cramps, backache, nausea, bloated.  I read an article that stated 40% of women have PMS...take 8% of those women, and you've got PMDD....more
PMDD.. The monster inside me. I too know the hell it causes each and every single month. The ...more

Good Morning Heartache, Get Lost.

I suppose I wouldn't have spent four years writing a novel about depression if I didn't feel I had something useful to say about the subject. All the writers' manuals say to write what you know, and me and depression have been pretty tight over the years. Real BFFs. So inseparable, at times it was downright sickening....more

Good Memories Make You Pathetic

I think I've cracked.  I keep crying and sleeping and crying and sleeping.  Yeah, even after such a "good night" I'm cracking the hell up.  I even cry in public Wal-Mart, in the faculty lounge, on the bus, and then I get sleepy....more

Egad, I hear you and boy do I understand the wake up chiller to the soul.

I try not to get ...more