Goodbye, Will Gardner...(Sniff, sniff)

Spoiler Alert:  (If you haven't seen the most recent episode of The Good Wife, stop here.  Go watch it, then return)....more

No reviews Monday or Tuesday(Update--Or Wednesday)

So I have crunched the numbers and looked at the different views for the reviews that I have posted and I have decided to do reviews of the more popular shows. So I will be reviewing New Girl on Tuesday, Wednesday will be The Middle and Modern Family (I will start the Modern Family review this week for the first time which I anticipate will be popular) Also starting Wednesday I will try out a review for American Horror Story to see what kind of views that gets. Thursday will be Glee (comes back in November) and I will debut a review of Vampire Diaires as well as continue The Office....more

How I Met Your Mother (review) "Farhampton"

Where we left off: Marshall and Lily had a baby boy (who has probably the best name on TV..Marvin Wait For It Eriksen), Ted drove off into the sunset with Victoria who was supposed to be getting married (we already know that she isn't the mother) and Barney proposed to Quinn but in a twist we find out, not that far in the future, Barney will actually be marrying Robin (so so happy)....more

To the Bat Cave or How To Start Your Own Crusade

The Bat-Signal as seen at the end of Batman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)<...more

Is Ashton Kutcher the Right Man to Save Two and a Half Men?

CBS and Warner Bros. are doing their best to move Two and a Half Men viewers into a Post-Sheen World....more

I really think if they had have re-tooled it to be a 'new' series which was all about Allan and ...more

Robert DeNiro Wants You Dead

"Robert DeNiro Wants You Dead"  ...more

Grammy Highlights, Lowlights, and a Gaga/Madonna Mashup!?

Last night's Grammy show was a musical knockout. There were stars galore, one bang up performance after another, and oh yeah, a couple of awards thrown in. Christina Aguilera nearly fell on her face, Mick Jagger proved age ain't slowin' him down and Esperanza Spalding proved that Bieber fever isn't as deadly as it seems. ...more


Glad to have been able to give you a laugh!



"Buffy's" Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to TV with "Ringer"

All you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans take note: Sarah Michelle Gellar is on her way back to prime time TV, and I, for one, am jazzed! ...more

It's funny, when SMG left AMC, I thought, this gal will never get another role as good as ...more

Hawaii Five-0: Cops, Crime and Bikinis

When I was a kid, watching the original Hawaii Five-0 was like taking a weekly trip to paradise. Yeah, there were crooks, drug kingpins, kidnappings and murders, but it all happened in such a pretty place, who cared? Flash forward to 2010 and the new Hawaii Five-0, just like the old one, is a hit. It'll have to go about another ten years to match the original but it's definitely made a start. ...more

That is kind of late!

Yeah, part of the problem with Kono (Grace Park) is that because she's ...more

"The Good Wife" Ups Her Legal Game

The Good Wife is one of those shows that promises you one thing, delivers it, and then delivers a bonus too.  It's like going to a new burger joint for the fabulous burgers and then finding out the place also has the best shakes in town.  ...more

Did you see last night's show where Kalinda went all Rambo and a new candidate was introduced ...more