……For a posthumous release, Xscape is actually worth the ends, giving us the chance to contrast the unvarnished versions of eight songs that were completed during multiple Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and Invincible recording sessions that, for one reason or another, failed to make the final track lists. Some of those song omissions were probably more about changing tastes or whims, as Michael was (in)famous for, because most of them are enjoyable even in their minimalist demo-type form....more

My Obsession with the Compact Disc

There's something about listening to a CD... an actual. compact. disc.I don't know why exactly, but it makes me listen in a different way.  As much as I adore the iPod, it's taken something away from my listening experience.Maybe it's the physical sensation... Plucking through the CD visor, the flaps too loose from overcrowding.  Holding a finger through one, two, sometimes six at a time while I search through pockets.  Cursing when I drive over railroad tracks and discs fly out. Okay, maybe I don't miss that....more

Top 1000 shopping site features Nina Patel, Randy Wilson, Left Standing, Village Kid and more, on Top 10 CD recommendations for

With EAT PRAY LOVE coming out this month, I thought it fitting to select music that I love to DEVOUR DELIGHT DANCE to, like Nina Patel’s “i am…Discovering Your Inner Beauty…”, Randy Wilson’s “Life Goes On”, Left Standing’s “Brand New Day” and Village Kid’s “Colourful Girl”.  These titles have a common thread of self-discovery,  beauty, perseverance and utmost entertainment!  ENJOY! http://bit.ly/DevourDelightDanceMP3sPhoto: ...more

Awesome new CD by Crosby Loggins

If you are looking for some great new music, I highly recommend you pick up Crosby Loggins’ CD Time to Move. The album is Crosby’s debut and just hit stores. The music is relaxing and inspring – I love listening to it while cooking, driving my kids to their various activities and getting ready in the morning. I just love listeningn to his music, as all the tunes really mellow me, am thrilled that he made this album. ...more

The Truth About Gift-Giving

When people say, “Don’t get me anything,” it’s best to pay no attention.  They’ll say, “I have everything I need,” but that doesn’t rule out wish fulfillment.  And it helps if we’re mind readers about what they’d really like, if only they’d say so. I’m going to a birthday party for a man who’s 85 years old today.  Getting a gift for him takes more than a little  thought.  After we’ve lived a certain number of years, most of us feel we own enough things.  In fact, we’ve started giving things away.  ...more

Yanni Voices CD Giveaway

This is Yanni Like you've never heard him before. "expect the unexpected."  Four young vocalists team up with Yanni and create a beautiful music CD. Visit "The Grotto" to enter to win a Yanni Voices CD!! ...more

Buy a Song, Support a Cause

Remember during Christmas 1984 when everyone got the 45, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" recorded by Band Aid? Profits from the record raised money for famine relief in Ethiopia. ...more

I haven't seen that video in YEARS. Oh, Joni, you're still such a flake. And look at Corey ...more

Noel CD from Josh Groban

Okay, by now everyone knows about the Oprah wish list. This year, she has featured one of my favorite gift of the year - no, not the fridge - the newest CD from Josh Groban "Noel" http://possibilitiesproducts.blogspot.com ...more

Mrs. Micah's week review--good things happening!

50th post, woot! First good thing in the financial sphere: Something I think I'd forgotten to mention was that I promised myself to get $1000 of our cash cushion into a CD by my birthday. Well, my birthday was Thursday and I got it into an ING CD on Tuesday! Now it's earning 5.25% APY. It's a 12 month CD, so when we pull it out we'll have another $52.50. That's not much, but if we don't need it, we'll reinvest it in a CD and so forth. We'll probably take the earnings and add it to our mutual fund portfolio or somesuch. ...more

Yay! Thanks, Denise.more