40 Things I Know At Forty

Hi, I'm Cyn. I'm 40 and I'm just getting started.It never ceases to amaze me what different people we are between being 20, 30 and 40. I had always heard that at 40, you are finally at the point where you discover who you really are, what you want in life, how to go about it, and, perhaps most importantly, how little superfluous things and people mean to your life. You realize that the clock on life is ticking and you're not going to waste your energy on those things and people. ...more

National Masturbation Month: Self-Love is a Celebration

Ultimate safe sex, improved cardiovascular and pelvic floor health, prevention of prostate gland and yeast infections, eased menstrual cramping, release endorphins, and relieved stress.  Where does one find this wonder of modern life? Could be right at your fingertips....more
Nothing wrong with self love. Or trying to reach new plateaus of satisfaction.more

Cinco De Mayo

Friends, Fun and Favorite Things: What Every Mom Needs

What's better than great food and quality time with friends? A Favorite Things Party, of course!What's a Favorite Things Party? Only the most awesome, fun and fabulous time ever. My friends and I have been doing this every year for the past 4 years, and it's the one party that everyone tries their best NOT to miss....more

That time I got burnt by a sparkler

As the Fourth of July arrives, I am filled with childhood memories of summer: going to camp and catching fireflies, of riding bikes and when Dad fired up the grill because it was too hot for Mom to use the oven every night. I can even remember the one summer there was a lunar eclipse and I was allowed to stay up and watch it. ...more

Frida 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 happenings from the week worth celebrating. Here's to leaving uplifting and inspirational notes in the kids lunchbox. (I should do that instead of leaving notes to mess with them.) ...more

Friday 5: Vacation Edition

We had a great week at the beach and got home just in time to celebrate the weekend. Perfect timing! Here's to 5 (plus a couple more) happenings from the week worth celebrating. Hope you all had a great week too! Here's to my mom because this picture was her idea. (She had taken the same one of my niece and nephew the week before and wanted one with Vance and Vaughn too. It may look like an easy shot, but a lot of repositioning and laughing took place. Well worth it though!)...more

What I Love About Valentine's Day

I love… love.I love celebrating love.I think you should acknowledge and share love every day.Valentine’s Day is another day to show the people in your life how much you love them and care about them.Throwing a party with all of your friends....more

Dinner party decor inspired by "The Raven"

Happy Halloween!...more