A Mother's Day letter for my Mother-in-law

Heather texted me the other day, “It was ten years ago today, Mom….that Grandma died.”  I said, “I know…it has been a long time.”Mom Leitheuser,Sometimes it feels longer than ten years since you’ve been gone and other times it feels like yesterday. Your death hit me harder than I ever imagined it would and there are so many things that still remind me of you…I have been known to tear-up in the aisle of CVS at Easter time with a bag of starburst jelly beans in my hand…because they were your favorites....more

Mother's Day Can Be Painful for Many of Us

Mother’s Day isn’t supposed to hurt. It’s about celebrating your Mom and thanking her for being there for you. But what if she was never there for you? Or what if she has passed away? And what if once a year, you are reminded of this painful truth?...more

A mother's day message for less than perfect, but perfectly good mothers

 In my practice the Monday after Mother’s Day is always the toughest. The mothers who come to therapy are not happy. Their ungrateful children and non supportive husbands, at least by definition today, ignored the day. They would have been thrilled to get half cooked eggs complete with bits of egg shell, cold coffee and burned toast, or a small gift, or a hand written card, or three words on facebook, a phone call, a text, ANYTHING!! But nothing. No acknowledgement....more
Yes. I think what goes around comes around. If we want to be treated fairly ... we should start ...more


BABYBEARSHOP mama belly oil Giveaway Hosted by Sophie Clean

Welcome to the Green Your Mom Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Eco-Crazy Mom and Simple City Life  Each of the participating blogs has a prize package worth at least $20 that will help you Green Your Mom for Mother's Day. After you enter my giveaway, be sure to visit all of the other fabulous blogs listed below the Rafflecopter form. Thank you and good luck!Hey Concerned Parents!...more

Let The 2012 Listen To Your Mother Shows Begin!

For me, now, Mother's Day no longer means brunch. It means community. Okay, it means brunch first -- likely with a mimosa-- immediately followed by community....more
LTYM energy is palpable...on line, on facebook, on twitter. I can't even imagine what it is ...more

My Own Baby (or, a Mother's Day post)

Good morning!I am on the path to motherhood. I know this because I feel a deepening maternal energy for myself, my friends and my students. I am growing into a healthy caretaker, which is an intention of mine actualized, since there was a period of time where I couldn't trust myself with my Self....more

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to any mother who comes by this blog post. That is my wish to all tonight. Regardless of whether you are "Mom" to one or to many; Whether you are expecting your first child; Whether you have experienced Mother's Day many times before or this is your first; Whether you have a child of your own or you care for someone else's child; Whether you are close enough to someone you consider them "like" your child....more

Putting the Mom Back in Mother’s Day

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore When is the last time you took your Dad to Father’s Day brunch? Probably never, right? Father’s Day is usually about letting Dad get away from it all. If you take a glance at the card aisle, you’ll find pictures of Dads tinkering with their tool boxes or swinging the clubs on a golf course. A day of fishing? Of course....more

I love to have brunch with my fellas. A long bike ride in the afternoon and a BBQ in the ...more