Emails from Heaven

I really don't know how to start this other then to say losing my mom has been a lot like I would imagine falling off a cliff would feel. I recently checked my facebook posts from last year, and just about every post started out "please pray for my mom"--OR--"My mom is in ICU again..." And then there were all the emergency trips to Iowa. ...more
recipeaddict  Hi Jennifer, I tried and tried to prepare myself for losing my mom but it didn't ...more

Learning to Float...

My grandmother passed away six years ago today, and the last thing I ever said to her was "that's a nice tree."   Really....more
@elaineR.N.  If my Grandma was still hanging around my house, she'd want to know who does the ...more

Love, Loss, One Turtle, and Pajama Jeans

 I can tell you exactly what the weather was like two years was a perfect 70 degree fall day...couldn't have been any prettier with the leaves changing and a warm breeze... My friend died two years ago today of complications from leukemia...and she'd kick my butt if I sat here and wrote a sad tribute to her here...and besides that, there is no way I could top what her family wrote about her;  ...more Robin, YOU would be great on stage!!!  I do something called "Open Mike" ...more

Dad's Last Note to Me Before He Passed On: "A Little While of Something Wonderful...."

February 29 dad broke the news he had cancer.  I could only travel to Mississippi three times.  (Dammit for the strep throat then shingles!  My body was not responding well  to his news.) The first visit I surprised him.  The second visit he expected me.  The third visit...The memory of my second visit with dad is beautiful and will forever be cherished.  In another writing platform, I wrote about our time together. I would like to share some of my writing......more
Gina:  I was trying to find your email address and couldn't.  Hope that you are doing well and ...more

Rest in Peace Dad

"R.I.P. left an impression on me 32 years ago that will always remain... Gina , God has a lead Angel in His army now..."                ~~Rupert Wood~~      ...more
 @Gina_R And back to you Gina!more

A Legacy of Spirit

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae WestSpirit's Silver Anniversary....more
Happy 25th to spirit! He is beautiful and truly lives up to his name :)more

Whoever said life is fair?

"Whoever said life is fair?". Even now, sixteen years after losing my mom, I can hear her response to my favorite whine. That's not exactly true - the "losing my mom" part, not the whine or the response. I didn't really LOSE her - it's not as though she's a misplaced pen, car keys or a comb. I know exactly where she is (or where she was before dad moved her)...but I don't know how else to put it. In a world where we are free to talk about politics, sex and religion, death is the last taboo....more

I get by with a little help from my friends.....

So far 2011 has not been my favorite year...I was going to say 2011 has sucked big time, but was afraid I'd alienate/offend someone (ah, screw it, 2011 has sucked big time, and if you find that sentence offensive, you should stop reading now). I can't say that it's the worst year of my life, but it ranks in the 5 least favorite years to date. No, I'm not providing details - they're too numerous and too depressing and not really the point of this blog (if you know me, you already know why it's been a horrible year....more

writing to happy

writing to happy I write my way to happy....more

Grief during the holidays: How to make it through

The holidays are coming and this is the first set of them without a certain beloved someone in your life. You have mourned the passing of a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend or close relative. Someone who used to be a big part of the holiday season died this year. And now the holidays are looming like the crest of a huge ocean wave, threatening to take you and your holiday memories under with it. What do you do? How do you walk that perilous shoreline of grief while everyone around you seems to have an intact family, with everyone alive and happy? ...more

You have every right to your grief for your father-in-law. And sharing that grief with your ...more