independence Independence Day. A day to celebrate our freedom. And to lavish the day with reds, whites, and blues. To come together, with family and friends, spending the day relaxing, chatting, and eating....more

My 90th Birthday Party

My 90th birthday was coming up in a month......and no one had mentioned doing anything to celebrate, so I decided to give myself a birthday party.  Nothing big, mind you, just a couple of old friends…at my age there aren’t many of us left…..and a couple of younger friends who had been good to me over the years....more
 @Grace Kull I am looking forward to celebrating my mother's 90th birthday party next April  ...more

Please...Just Don't Come Back Saying 'You Guys'

I'm not psychic or anything, but I just knew this was going to happen.  You see, Kevin, Caitlin's fiance', was due to find out where he would be doing his residency after his graduation from medical school in May.  David, who will also graduate in May, was pretty confident that he would stay in the south somewhere and that made me happy.  But I have just had this sinking feeling that Kevin would end up in Ohio.  OHIO???  OH MY GOSH!...I can't really even tell you where that is exactly located on the map.  And isn't it cold there in the winter...and don't they s...more

Welcoming 2012 With Good Food And Family "Southern Style"!

My family spent most of the week after Christmas until New Year's at our lake house.  We packed up games, rented movies, bought food and fireworks and basically had a BIG, FAT, LOUD ringing in of the New Year! There's no better place to unwind and enjoy being with family after the hectic holiday season.  And we did just that this past week... ...more

Post-Christmas In All Its Weirdness

We didn't have the tree this year. Or the manager, stable, and all the porcelain Christmas characters on display to remind us of that special birthday. Our Christmas was brown. But it was packed full of stuff, to be sure, as our time was spent moving. And between the boxes and the mud, well, that's where the brown comes in. The severe drought we had all year, it's long gone. I can't complain, the mud looks real nice after a summer like that. ...more

The Baking Project...Home Made Cinnamon Rolls

Well, with the wedding planning and Christmas shopping on my plate, there hasn't been much time for "The Baking Project".  However, this past week, I decided to just MAKE some time for a recipe that I came upon the weekend before Christmas. ...more

The Christmas List...

At the beginning of December, I usually send out an e-mail asking my children to make a list of items they might want for Christmas.  There is, however, another list that my entire family receives each year that is much more important and one that we all consider to be a blessing to all of us and reminds us of the "True Meaning of Christmas". ...more

My Beautiful "REAL TREE" Is NOT Making Me Sick!

OK...So my "REAL TREE" is sitting pretty and FINALLY decorated.  It is every bit as BEAUTIFUL as I imagined it to be when I saw it sitting under that tent the day before Thanksgiving.  Although "some" people thought it was perhaps a bad idea for me to get it (due to my allergies...), I was placed under its magical spell and there was NO stopping me from getting that "REAL TREE" this year. ...more

The Maps We Draw to Get Back Home Again

I just came from breakfast with my Fodder Father at his regular haunt -- The Pancake House. We meet there often and each episode follows a similar script: I drive in the parking lot to see his car already stowed in one of his three usual spaces, park my VW station wagon alongside his Ford sedan (he’s a labor arbitrator, he buys American). Even when the waiting area is full, the proprietors wave me back “Your Dad’s waiting for you,” and I see him sitting with a cup of coffee, maybe working on the crossword with his reading glasses on, wearing a plaid flannel shirt or short-sleeved button down depending on the temperature. Regardless, he has his check book and a pen in the chest pocket....more
Thank you so much. @Jenifer Monroemore

A Warm Welcome - 100 Word Flash Fiction

@Susie Lindau I'm using a PC (and I do see you've added a video) -> the "Filmstrip" image looks ...more