Spending A Day In The Country Wandering Down Memory Lane...

For me, I find that reminiscing is not only remembering; it includes all of one's senses that make the  experience complete.  This week, I had the joy of traveling down memory lane with a few of the most important women in my life. ...more


Last year around this time, the family all got together for a big pumpkin carving contest.  Everybody had to bring their own design and then the carving began.  With pumpkins, carving tools and seeds flying everywhere, SOMETHING was left behind undetected by me...until recently. ...more
What a wonderful idea! I want to have a pumpkin carving contest! Halloween is my favorite day of ...more

The Baking Project..."Home-Made Cinnamon Raisin Bread"

I bet you thought that I had given up on "The Baking Project" since I didn't make a post on my baking adventures last week.  NOPE!  Absolutely not; I just got busy with "Baby Girl" and didn't have much time to write.  But, I am back this week with one of my FAVORITE recipes..."Home-Made Cinnamon Raisin Bread"! ...more

It's My PARTY, I'll Change If I Want To...

I procrastinate.  Often times that gets me in a little trouble.  I was reminded of this the other day while Robby was going through the mail.  Our Voter Registration Cards came in for all 6 of us.  Caitlin watched as he read each person's name and party affiliation out loud.  As he came to my name, her eyes became WIDE as she gasped, "MOM!"  Ugh...I had some explaining to do. ...more

Attempting To GET ORGANIZED To "GET" ORGANIZED For This Wedding!!!

Getting "organized" is truly NOT my strong suit.  My mind (and body) flits from one thing to the next.  I tout myself as being able to "multi-task" well. Dr. David (my middle son...) has informed me that the correct term for that is, "ADD".  I do NOT have ADD...what does HE know?!  He might be "almost  a doctor, but I am STILL the mother.  However, I have been told by our wedding planner that I NEED to get one of those wedding planning books and begin to get organized (ugh...) ...more

Blogs Deserve A "Make-Over" Too!

I found Kassie Garlock (Designs by Kassie) through a friend.  She does what I like to refer to as, "Blog Make-Overs".  I am truly not "tech savvy" at all...just ask anybody (especially my children...) and they will tell you THAT is sort of "putting it under the table", so to speak.  So, when I saw what Kassie had done to my friend's blog (My Heart With Pleasure Fills), I just KNEW that my blog deserved a "Make-Over" too! ...more

A TOTALLY Unplanned Wedding Adventure...

After that bike ride across town, I returned  home to get me a shower and head out for a day of looking for receptions sites.  Robby would be joining Caitlin, Tabitha (the maid of honor) and me for this little adventure.  But first I needed something to eat.  HEY!  After a 30 mile bike ride (and escaping death more than once...) I deserved a little comfort.  I announced that we would be eating Mexican that day.  And off we set for what was to be a relaxing first day of wedding planning. ...more

When I Said, 'Let's Look For A Reception Location...I Did NOT Mean On A BICYCLE!!!

One of the first things Robby said to me about the planning of Caitlin's wedding was, "Please just do ONE thing for me...don't let me be one of those guys who everybody in town pities for being a fool because he allowed his wife and daughter let the wedding get out of hand."  Hmmm...OK, I could agree to that.  He also declared that, "There will be NO drama during this wedding."  Hmmm...OK (I HOPED I could assure him that this would be the case).  So, after saying all of these things, he announced to MAKE SURE these "wedding rules" would be followed, he would be involved ...more

The Baking Project...(Pound Cake)

The last post I made in "The Baking Project" was a bit foiled by Robby making that "Easy Skillet Apple Pie".  This week, I was determined that I was going to do the baking...It was MY project, after all! ...more

Empty the Tank. Advice to the Child Leaving for College.

Great post, I can relate, my oldest left for college August 22nd and it is so hard to let go, ...more