NOW I Remember Why Babies NEED To Take Naps!

I can remember a conversation I had with my mother when my children were younger.  She said, "Barbara, you look SO tired."  Hmmm...Perhaps that would be because I have 4 children age 6 and under!  Over the years one tends to forget those "tired years".  Lately, however, I have had flashbacks of past times while baby-sitting Parker Ann. ...more

You're Getting Married WHEN?!

When I realized that Caitlin would most likely be getting engaged, I was thinking..."A Summer Wedding".  It would only be a mere 2 years since David's wedding and these children of mine were not obeying the "3 Year Wedding Rule".  For those of you who did not read through our last "wedding adventure", I declared at the end of it that there was going to be this "3 Year Rule", which stated that I HAD to have at LEAST 3 years between each wedding to recuperate.  HA!  WHO was I kidding?  I had given birth every other year, thus causing me to have a child graduating from...more

The Proposal AND...The Aftermath!

I may have been slightly groggy when Caitlin woke me up to tell me she was engaged, but I quickly perked up as she related the details of "The Proposal".  I knew that Kevin would plan this out in a special way for Caitlin; that's just who he is.  David often times tells him to "Quit doing such romantic and thoughtful things" because he is making all of the other guys in the family look bad.  However, he is also the one who calls to get ideas on how to impress his own wife from Kevin!  ...more

I CAN Keep A Secret...I Just DID For 140 Days!!!

SOME people believe that I cannot keep a secret.  I just proved them wrong since I kept a VERY IMPORTANT one for 140 DAYS!  I realize that the mere fact that I know how many days I kept the secret indicates how difficult this was for me...but I was BOUND by my word not to tell...OK, I was told that I would NOT be told the secret if I could not PROMISE to keep it AND never give anything away by even the look on my face. ...more

“Mulberry trees and children are messy…”

I curse them as I wipe up splattered olive oil and find an inch of milk left in the half-gallon jug. Just as I’m about to flit downstairs in my underwear to let our hungry cats in, I catch a glimpse of a sleeping boyfriend in the guest room. Milk disappears, boyfriends appear, lights on everywhere....more
@bassjordan No problem there! As you can probably tell, we are a very close family. Thanks for ...more


I’ve never worked a casino before.  Not for the community league, not for the playschool, not for anyone.  I don’t gamble.  And I prefer to forget about the tight, dark faces of the ones who lose too much – or the ones who take it all.  I don’t like to be up all night.  I don’t like being managed.  (I’m self-employed for a reason.)  I was sure I wouldn’t like working casinos, so I always refused to do it....more

Your huddled masses

As middle-class, middle-aged, suburban Caucasians, it is easy to get stuck in the same routine for work, play, and leisure. Drive in the same car everyday to work, shop at the same grocery and big box store, worship at the same location and hang out at the local coffee stand....more
Interesting post. I haven't thought about this before. I used to take buses before I can drive. ...more

Mother's Day is Back

In the day of strangely mixed responses to, and fascination over the conflicting details of the killing of Osama bin Laden, uncertain economic times, rising jobless rates, sinking house values and Idol singers crying who has time to remember mom?  Will the President speak at Ground Zero today or won’t he?  It’s Cinco de Mayo.  There are tostadas to prepare.  Grown children live states or countries away.  With education having been more accessible and necessary many children are separated from their parent’s education attainments by degrees.  The uninten...more

The National Racism Free Zone Institute ...more

Celebrate Wing Walking Mothers

“Why would you want to ruin your life?” was the question my mother asked when I told her we were expecting for the first time.  I had no answer to that.  She was born small, 4 lbs and 13 ounces when we took her home. “What are you going to do with her?” my ever questioning mother asked.  “I am going to wing walk, I am going to hold on with the soles of my feet and ride this ride mom, just like everyone else does”....more