Excuse me, But my parents are hippies

( may or may not contain " back in my day" references) Excuse me, but my parents are hippies. As a brainchild of the early Eighties, growing up was tough enough....more

Best family tradition

This is my favourite season of the year, from I was a child, there is so much great memories and traditions that I even practise  today with my own family.One of my all time favourite is one that my Dad did every christmas, our entire family would just snuggle in the family room and watch family movies all day. We looked forward to that day every year especially my brother and sister, because after the first movie my Dad would allows us to open our presents ( he would insist that we watch at least one movie)....more

What a Weekend

On Saturday morning, Danica had her first ever swimming lessons. Considering that she usually responds to water on her face like she's been splashed with battery acid, I was not optimistic. I fully anticipated the helpless looks of the instructor, and the smug looks of the parents, and the resigned looks of my husband while we packed her up and brought her back to dry land. But...She ROCKED it!...more