Keeping in the celebratory mood this week, here's a recipe for a drink perfect to toast with!Lemon Blast2 slices of fresh lemonSugar1/2 ounce of limoncello1/2 ounce of sour mix4 ounces of ice cold proseccoUse a lemon slice to moisten the edge of a champagne flute.  Place sugar in a dish and press the rim of the champagne flute into the sugar to coat....more

Sensational Saturday - Celebrate a Friend

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to celebrate a special friendship. ...more

Sensational Saturday - Celebrating a Sensational Spouse

Sensational Saturday - a sensational spouse is something to celebrate. I have had a wonderful husband for more than 22 years. So this sensational Saturday, I want to celebrate my sensational husband. He is indeed, a mighty, mighty good man. Salt N Peppa, featuring En Vogue "What a Man" Good things are indeed hard to find and even harder to keep. So under that notion that we should shower our loved ones with flowers while they can smell them. Today I celebrate my husband and how happy I am to be his wife....more

Do You Celebrate Every Moment?

How often do you celebrate small thing, daily events, typical moments? I have to admit, I don’t do this often enough if at all....more

New York City Loves a Parade and Me Too

Three visits in a row to New York City and I found myself smack dab in the middle of a parade.  Two of the parades included an appearance by Victor Cruz, lucky me....more

My Golden Year

According to They Hubby today I have hit My Golden Year today.  I was born, 56 years ago today, so that means my birth year was 1956.  I wonder what that means exactly, and I have no idea, but It find it interesting. It is going to be a bit of a busy birthday day week.  Last night we kicked off the celebration but eating fish tacos at Full Moon Cafe.  I love those things....more

Celebrating Milestones

As women we tend to be so busy working our way through the to-do list that we don't take the time to stop and celebrate. Then we wonder why we're so exhausted and feeling unappreciated. Go figure. Do you take time to celebrate milestones and accomplishments? Or, do you just let them pass by with barely a breath before you're onto the next thing? This week I happen to be celebrating a personal milestone - my partner and I have been together for 20 years - no small potatoes! And it got me to thinking about taking time to celebrate in general. ...more
@isthisthemiddle It IS a form of self-love.....and self-honoring. Glad it hit home for you!more

Forbidden Celebration With Joy!

As I write this, please know that it is my personal belief that conflict is with issues and not people.  There are many wonderful people in Jehovah’s Witnesses and in other cult in this wonderful world of ours.  It is the belief system with which I take issue.   Today, my family and I celebrated my son’s 37th birthday.  We came together as a family and with out any particular agenda had the time of our lives.  There was a time, so long ago, in all our lives when such frolicking was forbidden.   No more for we have st...more

A Stay-At-Home Mom Shares Gratitude—For All Moms

I have a confession to make: Most days at 4 pm I rush around the house tossing toys into baskets and sippy cups into the dishwasher. I dress myself and the ladies, put on a little mascara, and cram something in the oven. Then, 30 minutes later, when Louis comes in the door from work, everything is all put-together, June Cleaver-style. Reality? ...more
Big smile...it is always nice to know my tupperware isn't the only one laying out on the floor....more

The Anniversary

Earlier this year, my husband’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. This is a very important milestone for any couple. It was an especially important event for my husband. I felt that he really needed to celebrate and honor his parents…more than they did. I think that having his parents renew their vows would restore his faith in marriage and hope for us to strengthen ours. As I witnessed them renewing their vows, I took stock of this couple before me. This couple, who enveloped me in their love by accepting me into their family as their daughter-in-law....more