The Weather Is Not Bipolar. I Am.

Yeah, I get what you're saying. The weather changes a lot, and sometimes drastically, so you say it has mood swings. And what's more associated with mood swings than bipolar disorder?I know, it's a metaphor – a shorthand way of comparing things to each other, like comparing a choice to two roads diverging in a yellow wood....more

Will Celebrities Really Leave the US If Trump Is Elected?

Here we are in a heated election cycle where neither candidate is well liked, even within his or her own party. Now we have the “star trek” threats that we had when George W....more
Nikki, I have a list too but i don't think they would actually listen.more

Charles Schulz And I Might've Drunk From The Same Water Fountain

Well, it’s that time of year again.I’m dreaming about white water rafting on a river of mashed potatoes....more

43+ Celebrity Chefs Have Shared the 3 Best Things to Eat for Breakfast!

43+ Celebrity Chefs Have Shared the 3 Best Things to Eat for Breakfast!...more

What Robin Williams and Albert Einstein Tell Us About Right of Publicity

By Francesca Catalano, Faculty Director in the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at American Public UniversityUnless you are famous – like rock star famous – you may not have heard of the right of publicity or personality rights. A lot of time and effort goes into establishing the brand of a celebrity – the recognition factor for a name, image, and likeness. The right of publicity protects the commercial use of these personal and recognizable aspects of identity. ...more


Since I am in love with LOVE, I decided to recognize my favorite couples from this past year. Each couple was chosen for their own unique reasons and should not be compared to each other. It’s all love here at Rebirth and no shade has been issued!...more


       For those who haven't read me before , I'm moving to Paris France to launch "Erma French Perfume and           I'll pick my pick yours and see  if we match.  Oh no!  Did I say match?  As in same party and two "lites" come in wearing the same dress!  OMG!  (FYI:  "Lites " is an abbreviation  for "socialites"....I'm making up my own code ...calling it BSTL (Basic Symbolic Twitter Language...).   ...more