It's Hard Out Here For a Sister...

Photo Courtesy of $94,000.$94,000.$94,000 is enough to buy a lost block in Detroit and place needy families in the homes.$94,000 is enough to put a gifted child through a respected college for almost four years.$94,000 is enough to feed a remote South American or African township for a decade....more

Summer Lovin'

The BlogHer Community Picks Its Favorite Reality TV Show

In March 2011, the BlogHer community was invited to select favorite reality television programs(s) on the weekly research poll. There were 9 choices for television programs, plus a 10th option stating “None: reality television is a symptom of the downfall of society. While a higher percentage (17%) chose “None” as an individual response, most people that took the poll did have a favorite ... ...more

I thought American Idol would suffer a rapid demise after Simon Cowell left but that hasn't been ...more

La Toya continues Michael’s commitment - to AIDS Project Los Angeles.

La Toya has been a LGBT supporter for so many years and now she is following up Michael’s commitment to APLA, AIDS Projects Los Angeles when she will compete to raise funds for Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, starting this March 6th  on NBC....more

Please leave a comment and tell me what you
think of what the Jackson family is doing on ...more

What Joan and Melissa Rivers Can Teach You About Codependent Behaviors

This post is not about comedian Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice, even though it was good to see a 75-year-old get hired, not fired. Neither is it a treatise on whether reality TV is real or not, scripted or improvisational, nor an analysis of whether Joan and her daughter, Melissa Rivers, were acting the night of their foul-mouthed meltdowns. This post is about spotting unhealthy codependent relationships between parents and their adult children. Do you know the signs and symptoms? ...more

I said in my response to Candelaria:

On one level I wanted Joan to win as ...more

Joan Rivers & Annie Duke "DUKE" It Out On The Celebrity Apprentice

I confess. I cut my Mother's Day celebrations short to rush home, get comfy, turn on the television to watch the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice. Why? I wanted to be there front row & center in the comfort of my own space to watch the comedic & entreprenuer, Joan Rivers, a 75 year old woman go up againt Annie Duke, a poised, professional & seemingly 'take no prisoners' poker player as their cattiness became the icing on my Mother's Day cake of sorts.  ...more