Tori Spelling Writes a Picture Book - What Next?

Thar she blows!  Here comes a full-scale tirade.  I tried to resist.  Especially since writing this rant of a post does not count toward my write-a-thon goal.  BUT after gnashing my teeth over this issue for the past week, I could stand it no longer....more

Celebrity Detox, Celebrity Authors, And a Lack of Love

I rarely give celebrity authored books much thought. I honestly couldn't tell you that last one that I read and I really don't pay much attention to what celebrity books are coming out. Of course, this could be because I think of my favourite authors as celebrities. Recently someone asked me if I was planning to read Rosie O'Donnell's new book, Celebrity Detox. I hadn't, but I did some searching and I stumbled on something interesting - I was far from the only book blogger who hadn't been mentioning it. In fact, I really couldn't find any book bloggers talking about her book. ...more

The idea that Paris can get a publishing deal because she's Paris Hilton turns most "serious" ...more