My Quest To Find News/Gossip For Semi-Obscure Celebrities Of Yesteryear

What is Alfonso Ribeiro doing these days?This is a question that crosses my mind more than it should.  And not just Carlton from The Fresh Prince, I am unnaturally concerned with the goings on of any 1980s or 90s stars who have dropped somewhat (or totally) from the public eye.  Am I the only one?  Are there any more of my people out there?...more

When Admiration Becomes An Obsession: The Celebrity Gossip Craze

On hand by public demand; diced up and served to you from various media outlets is your favorite celebrity gossip. Everywhere you go there it is, whether in your hair salon, doctor’s office, or grocery store, there is no shortage of celebrity gossip magazines. The business of celebrity coverage is major money, and it has been said that nearly 7 million celebrity gossip magazines are sold per week. Nevertheless, why has the world become so obsessed with the personal lives of celebs?...more

2012 Celebrity Year In Review: What Will You Remember?

As 2012 comes to a close we're taking the opportunity to look back at the biggest celebrity stories that eclipsed all others during the past twelve months. And it wasn't easy to narrow them down.Jan 31, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Heidi Klum and Seal arrive for the Grammy Awards show..(Credit Image: © Lisa O'Connor/ the major events in chronological order, former Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum and Seal announced in early January: “While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul searching we have decided to separate."  The couple are both dating others since filing for divorce -- Heidi has hooked up with her bodyguard.NEXT--> ...more
Number 1 for me?  The death of Adam Yauch.  It still seems surreal even though he had been ill ...more

Department of Gossip

 Yay for new discoveries! That is what this blog is all about, after all. It just so happens that I made two great discoveries this week (and it's only Wednesday - HOLLA!), as follows: 1) Vitamin water and vodka go really well together 2) I am a big fan of LaineyGossip Read the rest of the entry here... ...more


Ee-e-ew! Mel Gibson has a hot new lady friend, and by lady I mean "40-odd years his junior" and by friend I mean "probably sleeping together." The miracle is not so much that this booze-sodden lech manages to trick attractive young playthings into putting up with him (I'm sure they like him for his per$$onality), but rather that these poor creatures actually think it will help their career. ...more

The Beyonce/Jay-Z baby making machine and more excess to make a normal mom vomit.

Solid gold rocking horses, and more excess to make a normal mom vomit. I know I shouldn't care how brazenly wasteful the Jay-Z/Beyonce baby making machine has proven to be. It's their life. They can live it as they see fit. But the more articles I read about their insane baby excess makes me sick....more

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Woooo! It’s officially award season, which means I become super fashion judgmental and share my b*tchy, catty comments with all of you! So let’s kick this off by recapping the Golden Globes, my favorite of all the award shows (probably because people have gotten drunk pre-speech.) ...more

I loved Jennifer Aniston's dress. She pulled it off beautifully. I think it broadcasted her ...more

Why Do We Care About Tiger's Drama? Because We're Nosy

If you haven’t heard all of the D-R-A-M-A surrounding Tiger Woods and his recent little car accident you must be living under a very large rock. With very large soundproof headphones. Whether you Google “Tiger Woods” as web results, news results or blog results, the stories are swirling. In addition to the gossipmongers like TMZ and Perez Hilton, major news networks are weighing in. He’s wrong. He’s right. He’s entitled to his privacy. He should set the record straight. His “brand” is in jeopardy. The tree should press charges....more

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans

Brad Pitt. The tabloids won't give the gorgeous man a rest. Every detail of his relationship with Angelina Jolie is constantly under scrutiny, and with the release of Inglorious Basterds in late summer and today's stories about the hitch for his movie Moneyball, we know we're going to be Pittched at least weekly in the next few months. But Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans? Come on! ...more

I wonder how annoying Poor Pitt finds all of this to be considering the fact that he probably ...more