Is MTV Making Teen Pregnancy Worse With "Teen Mom?"

Where do I even start with this? What are MTV executives thinking? Where is the line when it comes to reality TV? Why was the MTV camera crew not named as accessories to the felony domestic abuse they witnessed and did nothing to stop? Where does MTV's responsibility begin when it comes to the lives of these children? And by children, I don't mean the babies. I mean the teen moms themselves, who are being blatantly exploited by MTV. There, I said it. ...more
I loved reading this article. Every thing you wrote was exactly how I felt about the show. Even ...more

More Ice Cream With A Side Of Pickle: Figuring Out Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain Without The Help Of Supermodels

It's easy to get down on celebrities for the things that they say about, oh, say, pregnancy and motherhood and the like. After all, they're so often saying and doing things that seem incomprehensible to us lesser mortals. ...more
I gained 45 lbs in 36 weeks (so, I almost certainly would have crossed the 50 lb line had I gone ...more