Celeb Inspiration! Best Hairstyles for Round Faces and Plus Size Women

You can’t always rely on your hairdresser to know what works best for your round face. My own hairdresser talked me into a short-on-the-sides style right after I’d gained some weight, and my new ‘do made my cheeks look giant. It’s bad enough when a too-tight pair of pants makes you look bigger than you really are, but a haircut? ...more

Jennifer Aniston Must Bald.

 They need to take down those posters you see at hair salons.  You know the ones; the ones with funky hair.  The ones with hair you’d never wear.  The ones with hair in the shape of a pear.  Or, if you’re in a down-home salon, hair from the Andy Griffith era; hair that was done up with rollers  - a shampoo set. They need to replace those posters with one particular poster.  A poster with  Jennifer Aniston’s mug on it and one simple word:  No. ...more