Celery Garlic Bruschetta

Celery Garlic 'Bruschetta' ...more

Easy Stuffed Celery

If you need an easy appetizer for your Labor Day get together, check out this week's recipe, Easy Stuffed Celery http://kandyskitchenkreations.blogspot.com/2013/08/easy-stuffed-celery.html It only uses 3 ingredients! To see all of my recipes, please stop by and visit my kitchen at http://kandyskitchenkreations.blogspot.com Hope to see you there! Kandy from Kandy's Kitchen Kreations...more

Elegantly Humble: Celery & Saffron Risotto: AROMA CUCINA

Elegantly Humble: Celery & Saffron Risotto: AROMA CUCINA http://bit.ly/LxCztA Unlikely partners create a bit of sexy magic. Illusive saffron paired with the pulpy leaves of our hearty celery stalks, and there you have it: a terrific flavor riff on classic risotto milanese. Give it a shot. ...more

Updated Macaroni Salad

We were invited to a Memorial Day picnic on Monday and I wanted to take a simple side dish with us. I didn't want to go grocery shopping (since I had been gone for a week, the fridge was pretty bare) so I just looked for items that were still good. I knew I had macaroni and I had my "staple" fresh veggies in the fridge: onions, bell peppers and celery. I decided on Macaroni salad, an updated version that isn't loaded down with mayonnaise and hard boiled eggs. ...more

Roasted Turkey Breast

The Souper Link to my Roasted Turkey Recipe at Prep2eat below http://prep2eat.blogspot.com/2011/05/roasted-turkey-breast-any-day-of-we... Simple, fresh and flavorful with few ingredients.   ...more

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina http://bit.ly/kVh0OC 'Tis orto season! This year we planted tonnage...what was I thinking? Should be a bountiful season if our garden mascot does her job properly. What's in your garden? http://bit.ly/kVh0OC ...more

Did Your Mama Ever Tell You...

...to drink some celery juice for your tooth ache or put some turmeric on your sun burned skin?I bet she didn´t.My mum certainly did not. My mum would recommend what the doctor would recommend. And he or she in turn would recommend what he or she had learned at medical school. Or - very often - what the pharmaceutical sales representative told her would be a good solution....more

the perfect bloody mary

(from 20something cupcakes) What is it about the Bloody Mary that's so deliciously perfect and just screams the weekend is here? ...more