How To Charge Your Phone Without Charger

What many people don't know, is the fact that they can change their completely run-down cell phone batteries without a charger. Have you ever been stranded without cell power at a very critical moment, and feel like smashing the phone on the flow because the cell runs out of power at the very critical moment?...more

Tend to Your Garden Pt. 2 - Put Down Your Phone

                Saturday morning, I woke up and immediately rolled over to check my phone. I scrolled through my Instagram wondering if anyone else had liked my photo and to scroll through the perfectly concocted and mostly false/posed pictures people I follow had posted. Then I went to Snapchat and looked at all the stories on there, including Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Vice, etc…Then onto Facebook where I watched videos friends had posted, and checked to see if anyone had messaged me or commented/liked a recent post of mine....more

12 Unique Ways To Use Your Cell Phone Camera You Hadn't Considered!

I don’t own a regular camera so I was very interested in the unusual ways you can use your cell phone to ca...more

7 Tips to Take the Perfect Selfie

You won’t miss a good self-portrait picture again if you use these tips. So go grab your smartphone because this post is going to rock your world! ...more
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