Calling Friends

It seems everyone has a cell phone these days.Even some elementary school kids have them.If a kid today wants to see a friend they call or text from their phoneand make a play date.But back in the days of my youthfulness it was different....more
melanie jean juneau  Sorry I haven't said hello before now.  I am just getting used to BlogHer. ...more

My Top Six - Pet Peeves

What are some of the things that annoy you? I'm so annoyed, that unlike most people who have a top five, I could only narrow mine down to six....more

How a burn phone changed my life.

After my recent personal economic downturn I did an essentials-only budget. The most obvious trim was one I’d been planning (and failing) to do for months: getting rid of the monthly cellular bill in favor of a burn phone.Due to my job I couldn’t drop the cell without having a replacement in hand. But researching the best options was just one more chore on a to-do list as long as my leg.The layoff got me off my dime, as it were, and within a few days I’d canceled the cell service and bought a pay-as-you-go....more

20 Rules for Our New Teen and Her New Cell Phone

Yesterday we gave our 13-year-old birthday girl her own cell phone. It was unexpectedly one of the scariest things I've ever done as a parent. Not only did my imagination fill with news stories of heinous things young people have done with cell phones, but I realized how many ways cell phone usage - and texting in particular - can be potentially problematic. We trust our daughter implicitly, but it's a whole new world she's entering, and we don't want her entering it blindly....more


I didn’t post yesterday because of Verizon and their new plan. Evidently I have used up 75% of my available data that I can use until 8/20. Then try to call them and decipher what you can do to make the plan more friendly for Jim and I to use? HAH…The shame is we have been with Verizon for a long time and I am giving serious thought that it might be time to change. ...more

Cell Phones for Kids: What's lost vs what's gained

At the start of summer I told my 10-year-old son I was going to get him a cell phone.He's still waiting for it....more

The Six Most Annoying People on Cell Phones

There’s no escaping it, cell phones have become essential extensions of most people’s modern lives. However, despite their cultural acceptance, some people who use them are just plain annoying! There are lots of bad habits associated with mobile phones, but this list is counting down the most irritating, most obnoxious and downright rude cell phone user archetypes.The Bluetooth Phantom Menace...more

Can't call it eavesdropping...

So I'm sitting here in the doctors office waiting for Mark to get a nerve block and it is crowded...really crowded with all different walks of life. Typically most Dr. offices prohibits cell phone usage... this office not so much. Cell phones are going off left and right and I'm having to listen to random, LOUD conversations from work related issues to relationship issues....more

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How Young Is Too Young for a Cell Phone?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My daughter's best friend just got a cell phone. She's only in 2nd grade! I guess the whole Boston Marathon incident really upset them and they want to be able to reach their daughter when she's at playdates, etc. But now my daughter is bugging me relentlessly for one and it's not going to happen. I think 2nd grade is way too young. How do I handle this and when do kids today really need a phone?...more
My girls didn't have cell phones until they were in high school and paid for their own by doing ...more