The Lost Art Of Communication...

Communication is key to any relationship.  Couples must keep an open line of communication in order for their relationship to thrive.  Parents and children must have good communication skills in order to understand one another.  Communication is even vital for sibling and friend relationships.  I have personally never had much of a problem communicating with my family members or anyone else for that matter.  However, as I observe the upcoming generation around me, I find that communication skills are somewhat lacking...OK, pretty much nonexistent. ...more

My Marriage for a Cell Phone!

My 8-year-old son recently asked me if I would divorce his father so he can have a cell phone. (All of his friends at school with divorced parents have cell phones.) I told him, "Of course not!" and had a long talk with him about it, but he's still upset that he's not getting one and asks me every day. WTF? Any ideas?...more
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There was a video gone viral the other day about a father who smashed his child’s cell phone to bits and pieces when he found she was sexting. Reactions ranged from nominations for “Father of the Year” to condemnations for exhibiting such violence.My first thought was that the message of “no” could have been conveyed in a calmer manner- then I remembered the times I lost my cool when my children did something dangerous.  Finally, I wondered if there was ever a parent-child discussion about the proper use of cell phones and the dangers inherent in them....more

8 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer From Cell Phones

When I heard from the Associated Press that the World Health Organization just releasedthis statement announcing that cell phones may indeed be carcinogenic, I felt my breath catch in my throat as I put my cell phone down. ...more

cell phones and other gadgets are already part of our lives that sometimes, despite the risk, we ...more

The New Normal

Every day that I watch Charlie, I keep my cell phone as well as my daughter’s land line nearby. The cell phone is important because I am the “answering service” for my son’s satellite dental office. The land line is for family.  When I answer the phone – it doesn’t matter which one it is – it’s usually an interruption of our activity and Charlie gets upset.   It is obvious, even to a 15 month old, that when I am on the phone I cannot pay attention to him....more

10 Reasons I'm Against Kids With Cell Phones (Don't be a sucker)


My husband and I lean towards you with cell phones. I have found myself thinking about getting a ...more

My Cell Phone Company Knows Exactly Where I Am... So What?

In a recent New York Times article, we meet Malte Spitz, a German Green party politician who sued his wireless provider, Deutsche Telekom, to obtain their meticulous six-month record of his physical whereabouts. As a privacy advocate, Malte was up in arms about it, hired lawyers, refused to back down, won, and then, ironically, published the entire report online. And what did all that precious data reveal? ...more


Certainly, everyone has their own level of comfort with this issue and I'm not saying ...more

Cell Phone Use at the Table? Yes or No Friggin Way?

I think some of my hard work is paying off. My boyfriend, his son and I went out to dinner Friday night and I asked if both father and son could relinquish their precious cell phones, so that we could 'talk', instead of listening to the sound of my own voice, while looking at the tops of their heads. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of my voice (and the tops of their heads) but there are times, like when we're all out to dinner, when I'd like a little conversation. ...more

Techno Overload

The day before my husband, Marc, and I were to leave for vacation, unexpectedly we lost the internet at our house. He tried everything he could to restore it, but unfortunately, he was not successful. With everything else that we needed to do before our trip, we decide to not worry about it, and instead deal with it when we returned home.As Marc and I rode to the airport, both carrying our BlackBerrys and laptops, I said to him, "In a way, yesterday was so nice. It felt so good to be forced to disconnect for a little bit.""I know," he replied....more