Please Don't Call Me... Maybe

I've been going on for the past few years to anyone who will listen about how much I hate the telephone. Just last week, a blog friend I'd never met and with whom I needed to communicate about something important said something like, "You're not one of those phone haters, are you? Because I attract all of you." And I had to tell her she was right. ...more

Sometimes these days I need to take it offline with friends I don't see very often. I didn't ...more

Distracted by Technology: Are Hands-Free Devices in SYNC with Safe Driving?

Meeting with Ford A few days after I returned from participating in the ...more

Instead of getting a specific car you could just download and use

The app reads ...more

Phone Down; Eyes Up: Distracted Driving Statistics Update & Driver Challenge

I feel so bad for that person =(

If people really need to text so bad why not use an app like ...more

Forget Verizon vs. AT&T: Why I Won't Get a Smartphone

My phone doesn't text or have Internet. It doesn't take pictures (I have a few other devices that take care of that pretty well!) or video. It doesn't have a touch screen. I don't even think it has any games on it. Know what else my phone doesn't have? A contract. A monthly bill. ...more
I think that you really have made a smart phone choice.more

Technology: A New Era of Rudeness

I have a little rant today.  Nothing major, just something that picks my butt a little bit.  Throughout the ages, we've always managed to find a way to be rude.  Not always intentionally, but rude nonetheless.  Feel free to disagree.  I got big shoulders.  Today's post is about unintentional rudeness in social settings.  Growing up, we had a lot of multi-lingual friends.  Good times, good people.  What I found rude, was being in a social setting, happily chatting away, then another multi-lingual friend would arrive, and these...more

Another Slave is Born

Did you know there are over 5 billion cell phone users in the United States?  Neither did I.  I can remember the days when we didn’t have cell phones.  No texting.  No internet at our fingertips.  Hell, no internet.  Communicating was a little slower, and it was more difficult to find your husband in the mall, but we survived....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's HoodBirth by Paperwork...more

(VIDEO) Big Fat Personal Data Leaks: Privacy and Controlling Your Personal Narrative

"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." That's one of those sayings we hear repeated and consider wise. You could probably come up with any number of similar quotes that suggest we can discern the nature and character of a person by what they say, do, wear, and even who they marry. Common sense right? But what if the person judging who you are is not looking at you in the real world but the virtual world? ...more

Why is technology so complicated Chapter 2

Here I am again, angry at technology. Don't get me wrong I live on a computer daily and I own a cell phone. My worday life would set me back several days without the computer because all my documentation and orders go through the computer. So here is the latest. I just returned from visiting my daughter at college. We had a lovely visit. The day after I left, her cell phone screen blacked out. She went into hysteria because she couldn't text nor see who was texting her. When I arrived home 3 days later her hysteria kicked up a notch....more

Of Red Lights, Cell Phones and Kim Kardashian

The universe is a complex and mysterious place.  Sometimes, like when I'm sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, I like to ponder it all.  You know, those questions that seem like there is no easy answer.  Things like:Why is it that when I'm in a hurry I hit every single red light?orWhy does my cell phone quit ringing the instant I fish it out of my p...more