The Distracted Parent: Must Read Tips and Websites for Staying Focused and Driving Safely

If You Give a Sleep-Deprived Mommy a To-Do List…   ...more

Distracted Driving Makes You a Deadly Weapon - Sign No Phone Zone Pledge

Question: Doesn't your life and the lives of your passengers and everybody else on the road trump the need to be in on constant communication with others? If your answer is no, you have a big problem. Mobile phones are wonderful devices, however they have many too many people addicts. Yes, if you can't drive without using your cell phone, you are an addict and a danger to your self and others. ...more

What's The Right Age To Take A Child's Cell Phone Away?

I realize for many, the question is usually, “What is the right age to give your child a cell phone?” Well, in my house, that question had been easy. With the confidence of an all-knowing parent who’d never had a preteen, much less a teen, I adamantly stated my case to the women in my book club a few years ago. “Kids with cell phones are ridiculous,” I asserted. “Mine will get it when he needs it –- the same time he gets his driver’s license.” ...more

I'm trying to remember what the net gain or loss was. It came out to nearly a wash...I paid him ...more

Momspotting: Why We Love Technology

The sun is shining, the grass is thinking about growing and it's time once again to enjoy life. What's your favorite way to kick back with your technology? Maybe not the same as a day at the spa, but Carmen makes it sound almost relaxing. Being able to see the little faces is pretty important to happiness. ...more

I use Twitter quite a lot in my work, especially lately with the book. I've done complete ...more

What Age is the Right Age for Cell Phones?

According to the New York Times, the number of kids aged six to eleven who have a cell phone has doubled since 2005. And, a study by Retrevo reports that 43% of parents with kids aged 9-12 think that's a good age for a child to get her first cell phone. When I read those articles I started thinking. Not about whether my children (ages 9 and 12) are ready for cell phones, but whether I'm ready for them to have cell phones. ...more

My kids are 15 and 12, and neither of them have cell phones.  I am a mean mean ...more

Distracted By Texting: Are Cell Phones Actually a Danger?

I had a scare a couple of weeks ago.  I was driving my van down my street, and as I came around a small curve, a young girl of about 10 was riding her bike straight towards me.  I stopped, thinking that she would look up and get herself back up on the sidewalk.  But she never looked up.  Her eyes were cast down, and she was texting on her cell phone. ...more

First, what on earth are 10 year olds doing with cell ...more

Change Your Service Provider, Change the World: 3 Small Switches for a Greener 2010

Make the green you spend on those monthly bills count in 2010. While no eco-friendly or socio-conscious options may exist for cable or a gym near you (unless you're in Portland), you can find greener plans for other services you need -- at very competitive prices! Here are 3 to consider switching to in the new year: ...more

Eco-friendly Phones: How Green Are They Really?

Decided to upgrade to a new greener phone for the new year -- only to get confused by all the conflicting green tech advice out there? You're not alone. Research eco-friendly cell phones, and you'll start getting bombarded with marketing speak about bioplastics and, I kid you not, seed-embedded paper outlining green features. ...more

Just hang up and drive!

That's right, hang up the damn phone! You're hurtling in 2 tons of machine down the street, weaving in and out of your lane, slowing down, speeding up, cutting people off. And you, backing out of your driveway, cutting me off (and fortunately not running over a child): I'm sorry, but I just don't get what is so damned important than you have to be yakking on the phone right after you got into your car. Couldn't you make the call, then drive? Oh, you weren't talking, you were texting? What are you, stupid? You're a hazard. A menace! ...more

Every frigging day that I walk I have to deal with cCell phone & texting users in cars. ...more