Virgin Mobile, You Suck!

Virgin Mobile, you suck! I’ve been a customer of their no-contract wireless service for over four years, enjoying my Samsung Galaxy S2 until two weeks ago when I dropped it onto the concrete of Main Street and it shattered beyond repair. Time for an upgrade.Satisfied with my provider up until now, I ordered a new iPhone 6 through their Website. Excited to get my new phone, I sprung for the $12 overnight shipping. It arrived two days later....more

Stories of Cell Phones Past

Stories of Cell Phones PastAn adult a slowly emerging design, with shifting components, occasional dramatic disruptions, and fresh creative arrangements.  ~Jill Ker Conway...more

12 Impractical Ways to Break a Cell Phone Addiction

Some people can't just watch one episode of OITNB - they need to see the whole series in one sitting. Others can't enjoy a slice of cake - they must eat the whole thing, and lick the icing off the plate.I am someone who can't pick up my phone a few times a day to do sensible things like check email and take phone calls. (Okay and sometimes I have a problem with cake, too)....more

Are You Sending Your Child Back to School with a Cell Phone?

The age of cell phone spotting has begun in our house. During dinner, the twins provide me with a list of kids in their school whose parents have bought them cell phones. Over half of the list sounds highly suspicious, mostly because they are the children of parents who have sworn that they wouldn't provide their child with a cell phone pre-high school. A few others are probably trying to pass off an iPod Touch as an iPhone. But there are other elementary school kids who do have cell phones because I've seen their cell phones. Yes, I just wrote elementary school. ...more
My 8th grader has a basic cell phone for text and calls that we got for him last year. He's ...more

Leaving the house without your phone

Last week while my husband was traveling I took my son out on a date (which means he got to pick dinner and then we went out for dessert). As I was answering his questions over ice cream, he asked me about nitrogen (because that is what five-year-olds are into these days). I went into my purse to get out my phone to look up more information, but realized it wasn't there....more
I hate forgetting my phone but don't mind so much if I actively choose not to have my phone ...more

That's not the school bell ringing - it's your phone

I could tell open this post by telling a story about waiting in line to use a payphone in my high school to call a friend who was supposed to pick me up after sixth period. Or I could reminisce about when pagers became very cool and lots of friends at my high school had them.But that would make me feel old, so let's just move on....more

How We Saved Over $1300 A Year on Our Cell Phone Bill

Okay, you guys. This is a HUUUUUGE thing for me. I did a happy dance. Multiple times. Here's why: We used to be paying $207 a month for our cell phones. Outrageous, right? I have been researching and coming up with ideas to cut down our bill, because there had to be a way to make it cheaper! And now.... our bill is $98 a month. Ahem, that's over $100 saved a month! Score. ...more

19 Ways to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

I’m sure you have your own tricks to avoid a flat battery, but let me go a little bit deeper with 19 effective hints to avoid draining your cell phone battery. These tips will help your phone battery last longer so you can stretch and extend the time span between charges. ...more
this is like stone age information for our times!more

Miracles: Unplugged

A few months back this video went viral:...more