Easy Blog Commenting from Your Mobile Device

Did you make "comment more" one of your resolutions for 2014? Are you reading most blogs on a mobile device such as your phone or tablet? Then you need Schmutzie's extremely helpful tutorial to create shortcuts on your phone so it auto-fills information such as your name, blog title, and blog URL. ...more
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Cell Phone Diarrhea

WHEN it's ACCEPTABLE to gab away on your cell phone in public.Pretty much never.Okaaaay, maybe emergencies like...*"Mom, you forgot me at soccer field again and I'm surrounded by rabid cheetahs."...more

Cell Phone Carrier Secrets Revealed!

Insider Secrets RevealedSecrets of Cell Phone Providers, Creditor's, and more!As a sales rep for a leading wireless communications company, I learned a lot of the tricks of the trade, and my no longer being employed there is now your benefit in my tell all, secrets revealed!1.)           Sales people at retail cellular stores do not make a commission on your cell phone!...more

Upgrading Your Cell Phone Early

We have an awesome cell phone plan, but it wasn’t always that way.  Currently we have free caller id, visual voicemail, extra 5GB of data, call waiting, texting, etc, etc, etc……I have learned many things through many moves about how to get the best service, and deal on cell phone plans.  If you are itching to get the latest and greatest and are near the end of your current contract, there are many options available for upgrading your phone:...more

Cell Phone Rules for a Three Year Old

I take back every complaint I’ve ever voiced about my husband.  While I’ve been down for the count for the past three days with strep, he has stepped up and handled absolutely everything with our kids.  He has fed them three meals plus snacks, cleaned up after them, gotten them dressed, taken them to my parents’ house for Easter dinner without me, and played with them, keeping them busy and happy.When I finally emerged from our bedroom yesterday, I croaked out a question to him from something I had heard while I was sleeping....more

Using a cell phone while you're pregnant may cause your child to develop ADHD

From Yale School of Medicine comes more bad news for cell phones. Using one while your pregnant can expose your baby's brain to radiation, potentially leading to hyperactivity.Although the study was done on mice, the results are believed to apply to humans as well. In the study, mice exposed to radiation as fetuses were more hyperactice and had reduced memory capacity. The cause is likely changes to the prefrontal cortex while in utero.The researchers are recommending that pregnant women limit their exposure to cell phones.Here's the study:...more

The Kid's Cell Phone

I bought a cell phone for my 12 year old....not because he needs it, but because I need something to take away from him when he misbehaves. Monday, he was smarting off and he was punished till Friday. I took the phone. He cried. I smiled. He's sneaky, I was forced to hide the phone. It's been 3 days....now....I can't find it. Tomorrow....this whole thing may cost me $200 for a new friggin phone. oh well.......more

Hallelujah! Teens still prefer face-to-face

Breathe a sigh of relief. Most of us who have raised kids born of this high tech generation–and gone hoarse yelling at them about the small device glued to their hands–know what I’m talking about. A recent poll conducted by Ericsson, a global telecommunications corporation, surveyed over 2,000 teens, asking them to rate their preferences when it came to communication. ...more

Newt Gingrich

Blog Directory32 IF I WERE A KID: I'd tell Newt Gingrich that he talks/looks like the dad in "Contact"- David MorseI'd say that with less hair he'd be a dead giveaway for him...more

Your kid has a what?

Image via WikipediaAt what age do you think it's appropriate ...more