A Lazy Friday Review: Are "Christianizing" and "Civilizing" the same thing?

From: www.catchcolorjustice.com Are "Christianizing" and "civilizing" the same thing?The Lazy Friday feature is back! My Fridays are no longer so lazy, and this particular book is too good to write about in just one post. It has seven short chapters, and today I'm talking about number one....more

Celtic Symbolism and Design in Jewelry

Celtic Designs have certain meanings and in modern designs have been created and meanings have been invented to sell the design.  There are really only a few “official” meanings that scholars are sure of and most do not assign meanings to specific symbols....more

Celtic Creativity Treasury on Etsy!

 http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4ddd3e6adfd98eef1f2c61f8/celtic-creativityI am so honored to be chosen in this treasury, and have my Celtic Knotwork Wolf painting featured!  This is a neat treasury and I hope you will like it as well. There are a lot of neat items including a toddler sized Scally cap and it looks soo cute!...more

Druids: a Holy Female Sisterhood

Female Druids also known as dryads (Greek) or oak nymphs were oracular priestesses, each with her own personal tree spirit. Dryads were also known as priestesses of Artemis, whose souls dwelt in trees. Dryads could also assume the shapes of serpents and were called Hamadryads or Amadryades. Dryadism and druidism (Scottish) were two phases of the same religion, restricted to a female priesthood in the earlier, matriarchal stage, but later open to male priests as well. Irish churches were originally known by the old druidic name of dairtech, or “oak-house,” a sacred grove....more

Celtic Year - Vine Moon

// ...more

The Celtic Year - Oak Moon


Katie Targett-Adams Forum Launched November 2008

Hailed by the BBC as 'one of Scotland's most talented musicians'  Katie, the singing/Celtic harping sensation, launches a new look on her official website: www.kt-a.com   Listen online and post a note sharing your musical thoughts with like-minded people.  Join Katie's community by simply clicking here ...more