Now's The TIme to Trade Rajon Rondo/Jeff Green

The Celtics are currently right at the beginning of a the rebuilding process as the trade deadline approaches. The team is struggling as expected but need to make a deal at the trade deadline. No matter what the Celtics record may be they need to trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green at the trade deadline before they lose value....more

Should Celtics Retire Big 3's Numbers

Boston Celtics - Confirmed Tank Mode

So I was at last nights Celtics - Rockets game last night and it was so incredibly obvious that the Celtics are better than their record, but are in tank mode....more

Not The Right Time For Jeff Green

A couple of amazing games happened in the past 2 weeks for the Celtics. The first being an amazing win over the Heat and the second being an amazing loss to the Bobcats .....however throughout this season one positive thing stands out and that's Jeff Green. He is averaging almost 18 points a game and is shooting over 40% from three, he has quietly emerged as a very good player for this Celtics team. So Jeff Green's emergence is a good thing right? wrong!...more

Playoff Fever: What's Happening in the NBA & NHL

If your house is anything like mine, the TV was on non-stop over the weekend and there may be some household members who have a bit of laryngitis this morning. In the world of basketball, the NBA play-offs are well underway and it was judgment day for teams that either had to step up or watch their seasons come to an abrupt end. Eastern match-ups saw the Celtics sweep the Knicks Sunday, while the Heat failed to close their series keeping the 76ers alive. For those that missed any of the action, here's a quick recap:...more

The stadium is loud with excitement as they sing Oh Canada! I'm biting my nails in anticipation ...more