QUEENS, NEW YORKMy knees don’t work very well anymore.  Neither does my back, or any other part of my body, for that matter....more

Headstones/Cemetery Markers

So today my activities lead me to ask this question... Why are headstones and cemetery markers so expensive?  Seriously who are they for.... the deceased, the family behind?       ...more
 @ivybeckley   I agree make sure it's all paid for and in writing for your family. Because  ...more

Susan’s Ashes

Have I been spending too much time while I’m alive worrying about what will become of my body after I die? I would like my daughters to chime in on this, but they avoid the topic of my ashes as though it were pink slime....more

Who's Gott Mary Higgins?

 Mary E. Higgins Gott died in the rural town of Rockville, Maryland in 1891. For almost one hundred years, she rested in peace, until one day, her gravestone decided to travel......more
Thank you for sharing this story. And I am glad the Stone was found. ~Virginiamore

New Mexican Cemeteries

We had a breakthrough, a turning point, an energy shift of great importance. Our renters finished clearing their stuff out of the house, agreed to pay extra for damages, and we all parted as friends, with hugs and thank-yous. We couldn't ask for a better outcome to what started as a Very Unpleasant Situation this week. Two things were important to us in all this - that we did everything we could to make things better, and that we didn't screw ourselves in the process....more

Jody K. Petty (1972-1999)

I didn’t know Jody Petty; I’m not related to him and I don’t even know anyone who knew him. I saw his headstone while Maleficent and I were driving through Black Cemetery in Delaware County, Indiana. I stopped to take a picture because it is the first stone I’ve seen that I thought I might like to have on my own grave. read full post with pics of headstone ...more