Banning Hip Hop Makes The Place Uncool, And Offensive

The owners told him that at their old skating rink they played hip-hop and there were a lot of unruly behaviors and fights. To avoid that, hip-hop music was banned from the new establishment. They told him he couldn’t play anything with an urban beat. ...more

Censorship: Kids, Hip Hop, Video Game Violence

One of the most interesting discussions on WomenCo lately has been about media censorship. JeepGirl89 started things off: I was just listening to The Rhyme on XM and they were having what they call a Town Hall Meeting where they talk about hip hop news and controversy. Today they brought up the subject of censorship. Artists like Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, and Nas are being asked to clean up their act and stop referencing sex, violence, and drugs in their music. ...more