Suspect in Jail in Etan Patz Case 33 Years After His Disappearance

Today is National Missing Child's Day. It's also the 33-year anniversary of the day Etan Patz went missing as he walked to school by himself for the first time. This May 25 dawns differently than in years past, because a suspect is now in custody for the disappearance and murder of Etan Patz, having confessed to the horrific crime that changed how we dealt with missing children in the United States. Pedro Hernandez is now in custody, awaiting arraignment this morning. ...more
There is a great group called that teaches personal safety and empowers kids to ...more

Toddlers on Leashes, Adults Using EM Finders: What Happens When Someone You Love Gets Lost?

There was a time when I looked with disdain upon parents with their toddlers on leashes.  My mom said things about those families I wouldn’t even repeat.  But first-grader Etan Patz disappeared while I lived in New York.  And before Adam Walsh -- even before I had kids of my own -- I was petrified of those nameless dangers that hover over our children when they’re out of our reach....more

Thank you so much for this post. I can absolutely relate. Not only have I used the ...more

John Walsh & Others Speak Out In Support of the Advancing America's Priorities Act

This afternoon I participated in a press conference call hosted by Americans United for Change, featuring a group of people all supporting bills within the Advancing America's Priorities Act. Speakers included: ...more